Doctor Doom Marvel Project Plans Revealed on Hot Mic

Doctor Doom Marvel Project Plans Revealed on Hot Mic
Howard Stern built his reputation by saying shocking things on the microphone. But his latest shocking comment making the rounds was broadcast accidentally. After recording an episode of his Sirius Xm radio show, Stern and his co-host Robin Quivers talk about summer plans, unaware that their mics were still going. Under the sound of ads and promotional music, listeners caught Stern referring to a fan-favorite character.

In a clip circulating on Twitter, Stern is griping about his upcoming schedule when Robin asks if he’ll be working over the summer. “I told you, I’m doing Doctor Doom,” Stern responds, followed by conversation too muddled to make out. One can clearly hear Stern reference the variety show America’s Got Talent, for which he served as a judge, and the phrase “I’m an asshole,” which could refer to either his character on a Doom project or his general dissatisfaction with his workload.
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