15 Forgotten Games Based on Popular Movies

15 Forgotten Games Based on Popular Movies
While video games based on movies have enjoyed a terrible (and not entirely unwarranted) reputation for years, the fact of the matter is that many of those adaptations are actually surprisingly good. At the very least, most of them are noteworthy. After all, notoriety is the advantage you get to enjoy when you adapt a famous property. Every now and then, though, a game based on a popular movie slips through the cracks.

Granted, most of those games you probably never heard of are as obscure as they are because they…well…suck. However, a few of those games deserve more of a reputation than they currently enjoy. Some of those games are simply better than they get credit for, while others are so fundamentally weird that they deserve to be in the conversation simply as oddities.

As you read this article, though, just keep in mind that I’m
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