15 Best Looking Sega Genesis Games Ever

15 Best Looking Sega Genesis Games Ever
As popular as the Sega Genesis was in the ‘90s, most gamers now view it as underpowered compared to its legendary rival, the Snes. That’s not entirely accurate, though. Yes, the Snes had more Ram and could display more colors simultaneously, but the Genesis had a faster Cpu that allowed it to produce the kind of smooth animations previously limited to arcade titles. Of course, Sega’s marketing team at the time would have you believe that they also had “blast processing” on their side.

No, that wasn’t really a thing (at least not in any shipped games), but even if the Genesis wasn’t the most powerful console on the market, developers were still able to use the hardware to create some truly beautiful titles. Once you learn to view Sega Genesis games on their own merits and stop comparing them to titles running on vastly different hardware,
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