The Best TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2023

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The Best TV Shows To Look Forward To In 2023
Catching a breath after that astonishing final series of Happy Valley? Well, we have bad news – the box isn’t going to let you rest for a single second. The line-up of TV series and streaming shows flooding into your living room this year is, frankly, incredible, meaning you’ll want to have a thorough schedule planned out of what to watch and when.

The return of David Tennant in Doctor Who. Read Empire’s hand-picked guide to the best TV 2023 has in store for you, and happy viewing.

February 2nd:


Russell T. Davies already had our attention given his return to Doctor Who, but this series, which stars Helena Bonham Carter as Crossroads actor Noele Gordon, who served on the soap for years before she was unceremoniously given the boot. There will be drama. There will be tears. There might be wobbly sets? After all… Crossroads.

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