Mia Goth’s Roles to Date — and What She’s Doing Next

Mia Goth’s Roles to Date — and What She’s Doing Next
For the past few years, the story of horror movies has largely been the story of Mia Goth. The actress has become a ubiquitous presence in scary movies, working with auteurs ranging from Luca Guadagnino and Gore Verbinski to Ti West and Brandon Cronenberg. While her dual roles in 2022’s “X” and “Pearl” cemented her as her generation’s top Scream Queen, the films were the culmination of Goth’s years of quiet work as a horror regular.

Her scary movie résumé is unparalleled among her peers, but Goth is far from a one-trick pony. While most of her biggest successes have been in horror, she reached the top of the genre due to her ability to play a variety of roles. In a genre that so often casts young women as helpless victims, Goth can effortlessly shift from playing a Final Girl to a brutal murderer to a perpetrator of elaborate psychological torture.
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