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Poll: Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who is the Best Rose Red of All?

Disney is planning to make a live-action film about a young woman named Rose Red, who is Snow White's long lost sister. The film is said to depict her "untold" role in the story, in which she and the dwarfs rescue Snow after she eats the apple.

So, which of these actresses do you think would play Rose Red best? Discuss here!

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    Brie Larson

    Reportedly, Disney is eyeing her for the role.
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    Amy Adams

  3. Vote!

    Dove Cameron

  4. Vote!

    Jennifer Lawrence

  5. Vote!

    Emma Stone

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    Bonnie Wright

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    Britt Robertson

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    Amanda Seyfried

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    Ellie Kemper

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    Mackenzie Foy

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    Anne Hathaway

  12. Vote!

    Georgie Henley

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    Scarlett Johansson

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    Chloë Grace Moretz

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    Hayden Panettiere

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    Millie Bobby Brown

    A very young Rose Red.

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