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Poll: Casting for Squirrel Girl

There has been talk of Anna Kendrick wanting to don the Squirrel Girl suit. Marvel has yet to say anything about including Squirrel Girl in their cinematic universe. If Squirrel Girl were to make an appearance, who should play her?

Squirrel Girl is much like Deadpool, except for the fact that Deadpool uses dark humor while she is more upbeat and positive about everything. Oh...did I mention she has squirrel like abilities and can communicate with squirrels? Because she totally can!

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    Anna Kendrick

  2. Vote!

    Allison Scagliotti

  3. Vote!

    Alison Brie

  4. Vote!

    Jewel Staite

  5. Vote!

    Kristen Schaal

  6. Vote!

    Ellie Kemper

  7. Vote!

    Lio Tipton

  8. Vote!

    Mae Whitman

  9. Vote!

    Felicia Day

  10. Vote!

    Jenny Slate

  11. Vote!

    Emma Watson

  12. Vote!

    Carey Mulligan

  13. Vote!

    Maisie Williams

  14. Vote!

    Joey King

  15. Vote!

    Alia Shawkat

  16. Vote!

    Jena Malone

  17. Vote!

    Hailee Steinfeld

  18. Vote!

    Shannon Purser

  19. Vote!

    Alison Pill

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