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Poll: The Surreal Filmmaker: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky (born 1929) — also referred to as " the father of the midnight movie" — is a Chilean-French filmmaker and artist.

Since 1948, Jodorowsky has worked as novelist, screenwriter, poet, playwright, essayist, film and theater director and producer, actor, film editor, comics writer, musician and composer, philosopher, puppeteer, mime, lay psychologist, painter, sculptor, and spiritual guru.

Best known for his avant-garde films, he has been "venerated by cult cinema enthusiasts" for his work which "is filled with violently surreal images and a hybrid blend of mysticism and religious provocation".

Based on the plot outline, which Alejandro Jodorowsky's avant-garde work would you watch or is already your favorite?

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    El Topo (1970)

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    The Holy Mountain (1973)

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    Santa Sangre (1989)

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    The Dance of Reality (2013)

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    Psychomagic, A Healing Art (2019)

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    The Rainbow Thief (1990)

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    Fando and Lis (1968)

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    Endless Poetry (2016)

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    Tusk (1980)

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