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Poll: Native American Actresses

Who is your favorite Native American actress?

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    Irene Bedard

    Daughter of an Iñupiaq and a French Canadian/Cree.
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    Julia Jones

    Choctaw and Chickasaw.
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    Kimberly Guerrero

    Colville, Salish-Kootenai, & Cherokee Nations.
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    Shauna Baker

    Carrier Dene Nation
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    Michelle Latimer

    Metis Nation
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    Kaniehtiio Horn

    Mohawk Nation
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    Q'orianka Kilcher

    Quechua & Huachipaeri Nations
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    Karina Lombard

    Lakota Nation
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    Roseanne Supernault

    Cree & Metis Nations
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    Elizabeth Frances

    Cherokee Nation
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    Marisa Quintanilla

    She is of Native American Lipan Apache and Hispanic heritage and is an enrolled member of the federally recognized Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas.
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    Lily Gladstone

    She has "tribal affiliations, on her father's side, that include Kainai, Amskapi Piikani (aka the Blackfeet Tribe) and Nimi'ipuu First Nations".
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    Karen M. Hudson

    Karen, an Iroquois (Mohawk) Native American, was raised in Northern New York on the Akwesasne reservation (AKA, St. Regis Indian Reservation).
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    Tantoo Cardinal

    Cardinal is Cree and French.
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    Stepfanie Kramer

    She is part Native American from her mother's side.
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    Kerry Knuppe

    Kerry Knuppe is an enrolled Oglala Sioux tribal member from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

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