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Poll: Who is Your Favorite Doctor Who?

Who is your favorite actor to play The Doctor?

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    William Hartnell

    First Doctor
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    Patrick Troughton

    Second Doctor
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    Jon Pertwee

    Third Doctor
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    Tom Baker

    Fourth Doctor
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    Peter Davison

    Fifth Doctor
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    Colin Baker

    Sixth Doctor
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    Sylvester McCoy

    Seventh Doctor
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    Paul McGann

    Eighth Doctor
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    Christopher Eccleston

    Ninth Doctor
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    David Tennant

    Tenth Doctor
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    Matt Smith

    Eleventh Doctor
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    Peter Capaldi

    Twelfth Doctor
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    John Hurt

    An unknown incarnation of The Doctor Plays the The Doctor in The Name of the Doctor (2013), The Night of the Doctor (2013) and The Day of the Doctor (2013)
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    Richard Hurndall

    Played the First Doctor due to William Hartnell's death in 1975
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    Richard E. Grant

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    Jodie Whittaker

    Added 16-July-2017 Thirteenth Doctor
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    David Bradley

    Added 16-July-2017 Played The First Doctor in Twice Upon a Time (2017).
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    Jo Martin

    Added 3-February-2020 Plays an unknown regeneration of The Doctor in Doctor Who (2005) Fugitive of the Judoon (2020)
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    Ncuti Gatwa

    Added 27-May-2022 Fourteenth Doctor - I'm looking forward to seeing this doctor.

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