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Poll: Film Freaks

In some movies films are a subject. The characters work at films, talk about films or just love to watch films. Some of them are real geeks, others are just part of the audience. They are mostly all freaks in a very positive or some even in a negative way.

Who of them is the most interesting film freak? There are spoiler bars on the options to prevent spoiling the movies for you.

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    Audrey Tautou in Amélie (2001)

    Amélie Poulain - Waitress:

    She loves romances and dreams of love.

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    Jean Reno in Léon: The Professional (1994)

    Léon - Contract killer:

    He knows and loves all the classics.

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    Austin O'Brien in Last Action Hero (1993)

    Danny - Schoolkid:

    He loves action films with his favorite star Jack Slater. When he gets a magic ticket and joins the showing, the action comes alive and he instantly becomes a part of the film.

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    Justin Theroux in Mulholland Drive (2001)

    Adam - Film director:

    He loves his work but loses control, because his producer is a total pedant with wrong favoritism of a cast member. He is forced to accept that while his wife at home is cheating on him. Gosh!

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    Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy (1996)

    The cable guy - TV technician:

    He is a total nutty film freak who picked Steven M. Kovacs to be his "friend". Then he stalks him aggressively. He reenacts film scenes with his victim in "real life".

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    Ben Kingsley in Hugo (2011)

    Georges Méliès - Filming pioneer:

    Mr. Méliès is regarded to be the inventor of the "narrative movie" and the stop-motion-technique. He made lovely elaborated - what we today would call - short films.

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    Johnny Depp and G.D. Spradlin in Ed Wood (1994)

    Ed Wood - Incompetent director:

    Ed is the epitome of filming disaster. He is one of the best known incompetent directors in Hollywood's history. He loved films so excessively that he thought he could direct films, too. And he was completely convinced of his talent. What a (lovely) freak!

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    Morgan Freeman, Tim Robbins, and William Sadler in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

    Ellis Boyd 'Red' Redding - Shawshank inmate:

    Red and the other inmates get totally delighted and excited when Rita Hayworth throws her wavy hair at the prison cinema showing.

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    Salvatore Cascio and Philippe Noiret in Cinema Paradiso (1988)

    Alfredo & Salvatore 'Totò' Di Vita - Projectionists:

    Alfredo the old projectionist teaches Salvatore all he knows about the work with film rolls and projectors. The two unequal friends both love films, which makes them prevent the censorship of the movies by the village priest.

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    Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix in 8MM (1999)

    Max California - Video shop clerk:

    He knows all about the films in the adult video shop he works and makes suggestions to new costumers.

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    John Goodman in Matinee (1993)

    Lawrence Woolsey - Film promoter:

    Woolsey promotes horror films. Shook up by bad box-office results, he tries new ways to make the film-experience more exciting for the audience.

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    Matthew Lillard and Jamie Kennedy in Scream (1996)

    Randy - Video shop clerk:

    He knows all rules to survive in horror films.

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    Mélanie Laurent in Inglourious Basterds (2009)

    Shosanna - Fugitive jewish theater operator:

    Films are her world - she really loves them. But to prevent being caught by the German National Socialists, she uses all the highly flammable old film rolls as a weapon to burn their highest leaders in her own theater.

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    Mia Farrow in The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985)

    Cecilia - Waitress:

    New Jersey, 1935: Cecilia is a big fan of cinema and loves the film 'Purple Rose of Cairo'. When she watches the movie fifth time in cinema, a film character comes off the screen and takes her into an adventure in real life.

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    Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran in Clerks (1994)

    Randal Graves - Video shop clerk:

    Randal is the clerk of a videoshop next to a convenience shop. He often visits Dante in the convenience store to talk about movies. Randal is on the left.

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    Jeff Anderson and Brian O'Halloran in Clerks (1994)

    Dante Hicks - convenience store employee

    Dante, the clerk of a convenience store who always annoys costumers and talks about movies. He's friends with Randal. Dante is on the left.

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    Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen in Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008)

    Zack and Miri - Chaotic wannabe porn producers

    Zack and Miri are in money trouble. They need to get enough money to pay the rent for their flat. So they decide to make porn for money. But when they try to do the business, they face troubles they didn't think of.

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    Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind (2008)

    Jerry - A complete nutty filmnerd

    Jerry, one of two bumbling video clerks with own ideas on it.

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    Mia Farrow and Yasiin Bey in Be Kind Rewind (2008)

    Mike - Inept video shop clerk

    Jerry's buddy Mike.

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    Thomas Mann and RJ Cyler in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

    Earl - Friends with Greg and Rachel

    Earl and Greg are friends who love movies. They often make amateur movies. Earl is on the left.

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    Thomas Mann in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

    Greg - Friends with Earl and Rachel

    Greg thinks he is terminally awkward and has a face like a little groundhog. His hobby is filming together with Earl.

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    Louis Garrel, Michael Pitt, and Eva Green in The Dreamers (2003)

    Theo, Matthew & Isabelle - Passionate Cineasts.

    Matthew, Theo and Isabelle enjoy cinema and each other.

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    Woody Allen in Play It Again, Sam (1972)

    Allan - Film Critic

    Allan is obsessed with Casablanca; receiving romantic advice from Humprey Bogart himself.

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    Elio Germano in Do You Like Hitchcock? (2005)

    Giulio - Film student

    He is obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock and investigates a series of murders.

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    Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water (2017)

    Elisa Esposito - Romantic film lover

    Elisa watches films, lives above a theater and imagines herself and the Amphibian Man as characters in classic musicals.

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    Stephen Dorff and Alicia Witt in Cecil B. Demented (2000)

    Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil is an insane independent film director who kidnaps a movie star to appear in his movie.

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