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Poll: AFI Top 100 Actors and Actresses

Which one of these actors or actresses that star in multiple movies in the AFI top 100 is your favorite? Discuss Here in the IMDb Community Forums

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    Humphrey Bogart

    Casablanca,The Maltese Falcon,The African Queen,The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre
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    Marlon Brando

    The Godfather,Apocalypse Now,A Streetcar Named Desire,On The Waterfront
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    Robert De Niro

    Raging Bull,The Godfather II,Taxi Driver,Goodfellas,The Deer Hunter
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    James Stewart

    Vertigo,Rear Window,It's A Wonderful Life,The Philadelphia Story,Mr. Smith Goes To Washington
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    Harrison Ford

    Star Wars A New Hope,Blade Runner,Raiders Of The Lost Ark
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    Vivien Leigh

    Gone With The Wind,A Streetcar Named Desire
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    William Holden

    The Bridge On The River Kwai,Sunset Boulevard,Network,The Wild Bunch
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    Alec Guinness

    Lawrence Of Arabia,The Bridge On The River Kwai,Star Wars A New Hope
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    Dustin Hoffman

    The Graduate,Tootsie,Midnight Cowboy,All The Presidents Men
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    Katharine Hepburn

    The Philadelphia Story,The African Queen,Bringing Up Baby
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    Al Pacino

    The Godfather,The Godfather II,
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    Charles Chaplin

    City Lights,The Gold Rush,Modern Times
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    Robert Redford

    Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid,All The Presidents Men
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    Vera Miles

    The Searchers,Psycho
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    Lee J. Cobb

    12 Angry Men,On The Waterfront
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    Jack Nicholson

    Chinatown,One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
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    Jack Lemmon

    Some Like It Hot,The Apartment
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    Henry Fonda

    12 Angry Men,Grapes Of Wrath
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    Jean Arthur

    Mr.Smith Goes To Washington,Shane
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    Diane Keaton

    The Godfather,The Godfather II,Annie Hall
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    Robert Duvall

    The Godfather,The Godfather II,Apocalypse Now
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    Cary Grant

    The Philadelphia Story,North By Northwest,Bringing Up Baby
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    Morgan Freeman

    Shawshank Redemption,Unforgiven
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    Tom Hanks

    Saving Private Ryan,Forrest Gump,Toy Story
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    Groucho Marx

    Duck Soup,A Night At The Opera
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    Chico Marx

    Duck Soup,A Night At The Opera
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    Harpo Marx

    Duck Soup,A Night At The Opera
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    Clark Gable

    It Happened One Night,Gone With The Wind
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    Jodie Foster

    Taxi Driver,The Silence Of The Lambs

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