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Poll: The Many Nationalities of Omar Sharif

Hardly any other actor has portrayed so many different nationalities on the big screen as Egyptian actor Omar Sharif. It all started with David Lean's inspired decision to cast him as Ali in Lawrence of Arabia. In which of these roles is he most convincing?

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    Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

    As the ARAB Sherif Ali
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    Behold a Pale Horse (1964)

    As the SPANISH priest Francisco
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    The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964)

    As the YUGOSLAVIAN freedom fighter Davich
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    Genghis Khan (1965)

    As the MONGOLIAN warrior Temujin-Genghis Khan
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    Doctor Zhivago (1965)

    As the RUSSIAN doctor and poet Yuri Zhivago
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    The Poppy Is Also a Flower (1966)

    As the IRANIAN official Dr. Rad
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    The Night of the Generals (1967)

    As the GERMAN military police officer Major Grau
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    More Than a Miracle (1967)

    As the SPANISH prince Rodrigo Fernandez
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    Funny Girl (1968)

    As the New York JEW Nick Arnstein
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    Mayerling (1968)

    As the AUSTRIAN Archduke Rudolf
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    Mackenna's Gold (1969)

    As the MEXICAN outlaw Colorado
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    Che! (1969)

    As the ARGENTINIAN revolutionary Ernesto "Che" Guevara
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    The Last Valley (1971)

    As the GERMAN scholar Vogel in the Thirty Years' War
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    The Horsemen (1971)

    As the AFGHAN buzkashi player Uraz
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    The Burglars (1971)

    As the GREEK police inspector Abel Zacharia
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    The Tamarind Seed (1974)

    As the SOVIET RUSSIAN agent Feodor Sverdlov
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    Juggernaut (1974)

    As the BRITISH sea captain Alex Brunel
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    Green Ice (1981)

    The ex-pat ITALIAN emerald magnate Meno Argenti
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    Top Secret! (1984)

    As the BRITISH agent Cedric
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    The Rainbow Thief (1990)

    As the EASTERN EUROPEAN (possibly Polish - based on the filming location) Dima
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    Mother (1991)

    As the ARMENIAN Hagop
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    Beyond Justice (1991)

    As the MOROCCAN prince Emir Beni-Zair
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    The 13th Warrior (1999)

    As the ARAB Melchisidek
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    Monsieur Ibrahim (2003)

    The TURKISH shop keeper in Paris Ibrahim Deneji
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    Hidalgo (2004)

    The ARAB Sheikh Riyadh
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    One Night with the King (2006)

    The PERSIAN prince Memucan
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    The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

    An EGYPTIAN assassin (uncredited appearance)

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