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Poll: Highest grossing directors - where it all began

These are the 25 highest grossing director of all time at the domestic box office as of 08/12/15, taking a look back at their first major directing job (5,000 votes) - who would you have predicted this success for? Discuss it here. Vote in the poll for movie-stars here

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    Steven Spielberg

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    Michael Bay

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    Peter Jackson

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    Robert Zemeckis

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    James Cameron

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    Ron Howard

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    Christopher Nolan

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    Tim Burton

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    George Lucas

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    Chris Columbus

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    Clint Eastwood

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    Sam Raimi

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    Gore Verbinski

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    Ridley Scott

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    Lee Unkrich

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    David Yates

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    Roland Emmerich

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    Andrew Adamson

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    Francis Lawrence

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    Richard Donner

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    Brett Ratner

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    Shawn Levy

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    Joss Whedon

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    Ivan Reitman

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    Dennis Dugan

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