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Poll: Clark Gable's Best Match

In the 1930s, Clark Gable was the "King of Hollywood." Which star actress was his most memorable romantic match in a drama or comedy?

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    Marion Davies

    Cain and Mabel, Polly of the Circus
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    Jeanette MacDonald

    San Francisco
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    Constance Bennett

    After Office Hours, The Easiest Way
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    Loretta Young

    Call of the Wild
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    Vivien Leigh

    Gone with the Wind
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    Greta Garbo

    Susan Lenox
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    Carole Lombard

    No Man of Her Own
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    Barbara Stanwyck

    Night Nurse
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    Joan Crawford

    Dancing Lady, Love on the Run, Chained, etc.
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    Jean Harlow

    Red Dust, China Seas, Wife vs. Secretary, etc.
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    Myrna Loy

    Test Pilot, Manhattan Melodrama, Parnell, etc.
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    Claudette Colbert

    It Happened One Night

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