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Poll: Decade Defining Actresses - The 1980s

Which of these decade defining actresses of the 1980s do you believe to be the most influential?

(Thank you to pere-25366, who inspired this poll with his series on decade defining actors!)

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    Mia Farrow

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    Bette Midler

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    Goldie Hawn

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    Sally Field

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    Glenn Close

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    Jessica Lange

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    Meryl Streep

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    Sigourney Weaver

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    Sissy Spacek

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    Isabelle Huppert

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    Kim Basinger

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    Kathleen Turner

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    Debra Winger

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    Carrie Fisher

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    Melanie Griffith

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    Jamie Lee Curtis

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    Nastassja Kinski

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    Molly Ringwald

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