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Poll: Greatest "Game of Thrones" All-Time Episode

In your opinion, which of these "Game of Thrones" episodes from among the best of each season will you most remember the series for?

Short plot summaries have been provided as refreshers for poll takers, episodes are listed chronologically.

SPOILER ALERT: Intended for viewers current through the 2019 season as poll reveals IMDb basic plot summaries of Game of Thrones (2011) episodes through the end of calendar 2019.

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    Winter Is Coming (2011)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 1.1: Winter Is Coming (2011)

    Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, is dead. King Robert Baratheon plans to ask his oldest friend, Eddard Stark, to take Jon's place. Across the sea, Viserys Targaryen plans to wed his sister to a nomadic warlord in exchange for an army.

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    A Golden Crown (2011)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 1.6: A Golden Crown (2011)

    While recovering from his battle with Jaime, Eddard is forced to run the kingdom. Robert goes boar hunting. Tyrion demands a trial by combat for his freedom at The Eyrie. Viserys is losing his patience with Drogo and demands his crown.

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    You Win or You Die (2011)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 1.7: You Win or You Die (2011)

    Robert has been injured while hunting and is dying. Jon and the others finally take their vows to the Night's Watch. A man, sent by Robert, is captured for trying to poison Daenerys. Furious, Drogo vows to attack the Seven Kingdoms.

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    Baelor (2011)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 1.9: Baelor (2011)

    Robb goes to war against the Lannisters. Jon finds himself struggling on deciding if his place is with Robb or the Night's Watch. Drogo has fallen ill from a fresh battle wound. Daenerys is desperate to save him.

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    Fire and Blood (2011)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 1.10: Fire and Blood (2011)

    With Ned dead, Robb vows to get revenge on the Lannisters. Jon must officially decide if his place is with Robb or the Night's Watch. Daenerys says her final goodbye to Drogo.

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    The Old Gods and the New (2012)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 2.6: The Old Gods and the New (2012)

    Theon seizes control of Winterfell. Jon captures a wildling, named Ygritte. The people of King's Landing begin to turn against King Joffrey. Daenerys looks to buy ships to sail for the Seven Kingdoms. Arya serves as Lord Tywin's cup bearer at Harrenhall.

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    Blackwater (2012)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 2.9: Blackwater (2012)

    Stannis Baratheon's fleet and army arrive at King's Landing and the battle for the city begins. Cersei plans for her and her children's future.

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    Valar Morghulis (2012)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 2.10: Valar Morghulis (2012)

    Joffrey puts Sansa aside for Margaery Tyrell. Robb marries Talisa Maegyr. Jon prepares to meet Mance Rayder. Arya says farewell to Jaqen H'ghar. Daenerys tries to rescue her dragons.

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    And Now His Watch Is Ended (2013)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 3.4: And Now His Watch Is Ended (2013)

    Jamie mopes over his lost hand. Cersei is growing uncomfortable with the Tyrells. The Night's Watch is growing impatient with Craster. Daenerys buys the Unsullied.

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    Second Sons (2013)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 3.8: Second Sons (2013)

    Daenerys tries to persuade the Second Sons to join her against Yunkai. Stannis releases Davos from the dungeons. Sam and Gilly are attacked by a White Walker. Sansa and Tyrion wed.

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    The Rains of Castamere (2013)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 3.9: The Rains of Castamere (2013)

    Robb and Catelyn arrive at the Twins for the wedding. Jon is put to the test to see where his loyalties truly lie. Bran's group decides to split up. Daenerys plans an invasion of Yunkai.

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    Mhysa (2013)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 3.10: Mhysa (2013)

    Bran and company travel beyond the Wall. Sam returns to Castle Black. Jon says goodbye to Ygritte. Jaime returns to King's Landing. The Night's Watch asks for help from Stannis.

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    The Lion and the Rose (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.2: The Lion and the Rose (2014)

    Joffrey and Margaery's wedding has come. Tyrion breaks up with Shae. Ramsay tries to prove his worth to his father. Bran and company find a Weirwood tree.

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    The Laws of Gods and Men (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.6: The Laws of Gods and Men (2014)

    Tyrion's trial has come. Yara and her troops storm the Dreadfort to free Theon. Daenerys meets Hizdar zo Loraq. Stannis makes a deal with the Iron Bank of Braavos.

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    Mockingbird (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.7: Mockingbird (2014)

    Tyrion tries to find a champion. Daenerys sleeps with Daario. The Hound becomes wounded. Jon's advice is ignored at Castle Black. Brienne and Podrick receive a tip on Arya's whereabouts.

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    The Mountain and the Viper (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.8: The Mountain and the Viper (2014)

    Theon helps Ramsay seize Moat Cailin. The wildlings attack Mole's Town. Sansa comes up with a story to protect Lord Baelish. Daenerys finds out a secret about Ser Jorah. Oberyn Martell faces Ser Gregor Clegane.

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    The Watchers on the Wall (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.9: The Watchers on the Wall (2014)

    The battle between the Night's Watch and the Wildlings has come.

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    The Children (2014)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 4.10: The Children (2014)

    The Night's Watch story continues, with surprising developments. Daenerys experiences new consequences. Brienne and Podrick have an unexpected encounter. Bran achieves a goal, while Tyrion makes an important discovery.

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    Hardhome (2015)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 5.8: Hardhome (2015)

    Tyrion advises Daenerys. Sansa forces Theon to tell her a secret. Cersei remains stubborn. Arya meets her first target. Jon and Tormund meet with the Wildling Elders.

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    The Dance of Dragons (2015)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 5.9: The Dance of Dragons (2015)

    Jon and the Wildlings return to Castle Black. Jamie meets with Doran Martell. Stannis makes a hard choice. Arya runs into Ser Meryn Trant. Daenerys attends the grand reopening of the fighting pits.

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    Mother's Mercy (2015)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 5.10: Mother's Mercy (2015)

    Stannis attacks House Bolton at Winterfell. Sansa and Theon find themselves in a difficult situation. Tyrion runs Meereen as Daario and Jorah go after Daenerys. Jaime and Myrcella leave Dorne. Jon sends Sam and Gilly to Oldtown. Arya challenges the Many-Faced God. Cersei confesses her sins.

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    Home (2016)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 6.2: Home (2016)

    Bran trains with the Three-Eyed Raven. Tommen meets with Cersei. Tyrion makes a bold move. Theon leaves while at Pyke new issues arise. Ramsay's brother is born. Davos asks Melisandre for a miracle.

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    Book of the Stranger (2016)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 6.4: Book of the Stranger (2016)

    Sansa reunites with Jon at Castle Black. Tyrion makes a deal with the Essos slave masters. Jorah and Daario sneak into Vaes Dothrak to rescue Dany. Theon returns to Pyke. Cersei and Olenna Tyrell plot against the High Sparrow.

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    The Door (2016)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 6.5: The Door (2016)

    Sansa and Jon make plans. Arya is given another chance to prove herself. Jorah confesses a secret to Daenerys. Tyrion meets with a Red Priestess. Yara finds her rule tested. Bran discovers the origin of the White Walkers.

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    Battle of the Bastards (2016)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 6.9: Battle of the Bastards (2016)

    As the Starks prepare to fight, Davos loses something dear. Ramsay plays a game. Daenerys faces a choice.

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    The Winds of Winter (2016)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 6.10: The Winds of Winter (2016)

    Cersei stands trial for her crimes, while Jamie celebrates victory with Walder Frey at the Twins. Davos confronts Jon about Melisandre's actions and Littlefinger reveals his intentions to Sansa. meanwhile, Bran continues his quest for knowledge in the far North as "winter" finally arrives.

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    The Queen's Justice (2017)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 7.3: The Queen's Justice (2017)

    Daenerys and Jon finally meet. Cersei gains a new ally and returns a gift. Sansa receives an unexpected visitor. Sam is confronted for his actions. Jaime learns from his mistakes. Tyrion backchannels and cobbles together an alliance.

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    The Spoils of War (2017)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 7.4: The Spoils of War (2017)

    Arya comes home. Littlefinger's gifts an unusual dagger to the Starks. Arya spars with Brienne. The Lannisters always pay their debts. Daenerys takes matters into her own hands and fights back. The Reach loot train hits a bump in the road enroute to King's Landing.

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    Beyond the Wall (2017)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 7.6: Beyond the Wall (2017)

    Jon and his team go north to capture a wight. Daenerys and Tyrion discuss love, planning for future and taking risks. Arya and Sansa learn a disturbing secret about each other's past. Jon faces off with Night King again and is aided by a family member.

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    The Dragon and the Wolf (2017)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 7.7: The Dragon and the Wolf (2017)

    Westerosian leaders discuss a truce and the true threat to their survival. Sansa and Arya join forces to confront a common enemy of House Stark. Bran and Sam discover a the truth about Jon Snow. The Night King marches on Eastwatch.

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    A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2019)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 8.2: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (2019)

    Jamie is forced to confront his past mistakes. Sansa and Danaerys discuss the future. The remaining Night's Watch brings news of the army of the undead. A plan is made to defend Winterfell's inhabitants and defeat the Night King. As the coming battle looms, everyone prepares themselves on what could be their last night.

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    The Long Night (2019)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 8.3: The Long Night (2019)

    The Night King and his undead army descend upon Winterfell castle. Melisandre return to Winterfell to aid the living in their fight. Theon and the Ironborn protect Bran in the Winterfell godswood. Arya says to the god of Death: "Not today."

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    The Bells (2019)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 8.5: The Bells (2019)

    Daenerys and Drogo launch an air attack King's Landing. Jon and Grey Worm lead the ground assault on the city. Jaime with aid of Tyrion rushes back to Cersei at the Red Keep. Brothers Sandor and Gregor resolve the bad blood between them.

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    The Iron Throne (2019)

    Game of Thrones (2011) Episode 8.6: The Iron Throne (2019)

    Westeros moves forward after the devastating attack on King's Landing. Daenerys announces she will liberate the entire known world. Tyrion publicly resigns as Daenerys' Hand. The lords of Westeros convene to decide who will be the next ruler.

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