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Poll: Best Director of the Decade

Which do you think has been the most prominent director of the entire decade?

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    Quentin Tarantino

    Featured titles: Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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    Christopher Nolan

    Featured titles: Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Dunkirk
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    Denis Villeneuve

    Featured titles: Incendies, Enemy, Prisoners, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049
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    Alfonso Cuarón

    Featured titles: Gravity, Roma
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    Lynne Ramsay

    Featured titles: We Need to Talk About Kevin, You Were Really Never Here
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    Martin Scorsese

    Featured titles: Shutter Island, Hugo, The Wolf of Wall Street, Silence, The Irishman
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    Ava DuVernay

    Featured titles: Middle of Nowhere, Selma, Wrinkle in Time
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    Ethan Coen

    And Joel Coen Featured titles: True Grit, Inside Llewyn Davis, Hail Caesar, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
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    Jeff Nichols

    Featured titles: Take Shelter, Mud, Midnight Special, Loving
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    Paul Thomas Anderson

    Featured titles: The Master, Inherent Vice, Phantom Thread
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    Bong Joon Ho

    Featured titles: Snowpiercer, Okja, Parasite
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    Debra Granik

    Featured titles: Winter's Bone, Leave no Trace
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    Alejandro G. Iñárritu

    Featured titles: Biutiful, Birdman, The Revenant
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    Steven Spielberg

    Featured titles: The Adventures of Tin Tin, War Horse, Lincoln, Bridge of Spies, The BFG, The Post, Ready Player One
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    Guillermo del Toro

    Featured titles: Pacific Rim, Crimson Peak, Shape of Water
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    Wes Anderson

    Featured titles: Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Isle of Dogs
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    Claire Denis

    Featured titles: Les Salauds, Let the Sun Shine in, High Life
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    David Fincher

    Featured titles: The Social Network, The Girl With the Dragon Tatto, Gone Girl
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    Jordan Peele

    Featured titles: Get Out, Us
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    Hirokazu Koreeda

    Featured titles: I Wish, Like Father Like Son, Our Little Sister, After the Storm, The Third Murder, Shoplifters, The Truth
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    Xavier Dolan

    Featured titles: Heartbeats, Laurence Anyways, Tom at The Farm, Mommy, The Death and Life of John F. Donovan, Mathias & Maxime
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    Barry Jenkins

    Featured titles: Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk
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    Damien Chazelle

    Featured titles: Whiplash, La La Land, First Man
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    Yorgos Lanthimos

    Featured titles: Alps, The Lobster, The Killing of a Sacreed Deer, The Favourite
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    Terrence Malick

    Featured titles: The Tree of Life, To the Wonder, Knight Cups, Song to Song, A Hidden Life
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    Spike Lee

    Featured titles: Reed Hook Summer, Oldboy, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, Chi-Raq, Rodney King, Pass Over, BlacKkKlansmam
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    Edgar Wright

    Featured titles: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The World's End, Baby Driver
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    Lars von Trier

    Featured titles: Melancholia, Nymphomaniac Vol I, Nymphomaniac Vol II, The House that Jack Built
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    Asghar Farhadi

    Featured titles: A Separation, The Past, The Salesman, Everybody Knows
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    Sean Baker

    Featured titles: Starlet, Tangerine, The Florida Project
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    Ryan Coogler

    Featured titles: Fruitvale Station, Creed, Black Panther
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    Tom Hooper

    Featured titles: The King's Spech, Les Misérables, The Danish Girl
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    Noah Baumbach

    Featured titles: Greenberg, Frances Ha, While Where Young, De Palma, Mistress America, The Meyerowitz Stories, Marriage Story
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    Sofia Coppola

    Featured titles: Somewhere, The Bling Ring, The Beguiled
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    Kelly Reichardt

    Featured titles: Meek's Cutoff, Night Moves, Certain Women

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