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Poll: Hollywood Renaissance – Directors (Part I)

New Hollywood, American New Wave, or Hollywood Renaissance refers to a movement in American film history from the mid-1960s to the early 1980s, when a new generation of young filmmakers came to prominence in the United States.

Among those below, who is your favorite "New Hollywood" director?

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    John Milius

    Jeremiah Johnson, Apocalypse Now
  2. Vote!

    Robert Altman

    M.A.S.H, Nashville
  3. Vote!

    Woody Allen

    Annie Hall
  4. Vote!

    Mel Brooks

    Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles
  5. Vote!

    James Cameron

  6. Vote!

    John Cassavetes

    A Woman Under the Influence
  7. Vote!

    Roger Corman

    Little Shop of Horrors
  8. Vote!

    Joe Dante

  9. Vote!

    Brian De Palma

    Dressed to Kill
  10. Vote!

    Milos Forman

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  11. Vote!

    Bob Fosse

  12. Vote!

    Walter Hill

    48 Hrs.
  13. Vote!

    Arthur Hiller

    Love Story
  14. Vote!

    Tobe Hooper

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
  15. Vote!

    David Lynch

  16. Vote!

    Sam Peckinpah

    The Wild Bunch
  17. Vote!

    Arthur Penn

    Bonnie and Clyde
  18. Vote!

    Roman Polanski

  19. Vote!

    Sydney Pollack

  20. Vote!

    George A. Romero

    Night of the Living Dead
  21. Vote!

    John Schlesinger

    Darling, Midnight Cowboy, Sunday Bloody Sunday
  22. Vote!

    Peter Yates

    Breaking Away
  23. Vote!

    Don Siegel

    Dirty Harry
  24. Vote!

    Paul Schrader

    Taxi Driver
  25. Vote!

    Terrence Malick

    Days of Heaven
  26. Vote!

    William Friedkin

    The French Connection
  27. Vote!

    Peter Bogdanovich

    The Last Picture Show
  28. Vote!

    Hal Ashby

    Harold and Maude, Shampoo, Bound for Glory, Coming Home, Being There
  29. Vote!

    Sidney Lumet

    Dog Day Afternoon
  30. Vote!

    Mike Nichols

    The Graduate
  31. Vote!

    Dennis Hopper

    Easy Rider
  32. Vote!

    George Roy Hill

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  33. Vote!

    John G. Avildsen

  34. Vote!

    Michael Cimino

    The Deer Hunter
  35. Vote!

    Herbert Ross

    The Turning Point

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