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Poll: Entertainment Weekly's Bold Predictions for 2015.

In their 2015 Preview issue, Entertainment Weekly magazine made the following five "bold predictions." Which of these would you most LIKE to happen? *all text is quoted directly from Entertainment Weekly - Dec. 26, 2014-Jan. 2, 2015 issue.

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    Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens will earn more than $3 billion - Avatar holds the global box office record of $2.8 billion. But no movie is better poised to reach the $3 billion mark than Force Awakens. We predict it will open at $225 million in the US, breaking the record set by The Avengers in 2012. If the film is great, fans will pay to see it again and again, aided by a global media frenzy. The last time that happened was 1997. That film is now the second-biggest grosser of all time: Titanic.
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    Idris Elba

    Idris Elba will be the new James Bond - Daniel Craig returns as 007 for SPECTRE (out Nov. 6) but we think this Bond flick may be his last, and Elba has the beauty, brawn, and British accent to replace him.
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    Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos will get thanked at the Emmys - With critical acclaim swarming Amazon's new Transparent, Emmy noms - and at least one win - should be in the cards for the show, star Jeffrey Tambor, and creator Jill Soloway. All of whom will take a moment at the podium to acknowledge the Amazon CEO.
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    NBC will reboot Friends - With sitcoms bombing left and right (Mulaney, A to Z), NBC will return to the tried-and-true brand of six pals living, dating, and drinking coffee in New York. Gunther will guest-star in an episode. Jennifer Aniston will not.
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    Big Freedia

    An openly gay rapper will finally go mainstream - The blogosphere has welcomed out-and-proud talents like Le1f and Fly Young Red; now it's the Hot 100's turn.

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