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Poll: Khans of Bollywood

Who is Your Favorite Khan?
The term Khans of Bollywood refers to several casts of Bollywood (Indian film industry), whose surnames are Khan.

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    Shah Rukh Khan

    Also known as The King Khan
  2. Vote!

    Aamir Khan

    Also known as Mr. Perfectionist
  3. Vote!

    Salman Khan

    Also known as The Controversial Khan
  4. Vote!

    Irrfan Khan

    Also known as The Realistic Khan
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    Saif Ali Khan

    Also known as The Fourth Khan
  6. Vote!

    Dilip Kumar

    Real Name: Muhammad Yusuf Khan

    Also known as The First Khan of Bollywood.

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    Farah Khan

    Also known as The Lady Khan
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    Feroz Khan

    Also known as The Stylish Khan
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    Kader Khan

    Also Known as The Comedian Khan
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    Amjad Khan

    Also known as Gabbar
  11. Vote!

    Imran Khan

    Aamir Khan's Nephew
  12. Vote!

    Arbaaz Khan

    Salman Khan's Brother
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    Sohail Khan

    Salman Khan's Brother
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    Zayed Khan

    Sanjay Khan's Son
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    Fardeen Khan

    Feroz Khan's Son
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    Zareen Khan

  17. Vote!

    Salim Khan

    Salman Khan's Father
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    Sanjay Khan

    Zayed Khan's Father
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    Ayub Khan

    Dilip Kumar's Nephew
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    Sara Ali Khan

    Saif Ali Khan's Daughter
  21. Vote!

    Soha Ali Khan

    Saif Ali Khan's Sister
  22. Vote!

    Mehboob Khan

  23. Vote!

    Kruttika Desai

    Real Name: Krutika Desai Khan
  24. Vote!

    Jiah Khan

  25. Vote!

    Gauri Khan

    Shah Rukh Khan's Wife
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    Gauahar Khan

  27. Vote!

    Mansoor Khan

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    Kabir Khan

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    Faisal Khan

    Aamir Khan's Brother
  30. Vote!

    Riyaz Khan

    Predominantly South Indian Actor
  31. Vote!

    Fawad Khan

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