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Poll: Pure Binary Position of IMDb URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

As of June 2021, IMDb has 10.4 million personalities in its database. (Wikipedia)

Who is your favorite celebrity occupying one position of the IMDb URL (Uniform Resource Locator) made of pure binary digits? (0s and 1s)

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    Fred Astaire
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    James Cagney
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    Gary Cooper
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    Rowan Atkinson
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    Dan Aykroyd
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    Kenneth Branagh
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    Matthew Broderick
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    James Caan
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    Irene Cara
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    Blythe Danner
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    Ted Danson
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    Embeth Davidtz
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    Jeremy Davies
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    Col Needham

    Colin Needham is an English entrepreneur who is known as the founder and CEO of IMDb.

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