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Poll: Most Shocking Death of an Actor

Any death can be shocking, and they are all sad. But sometimes a death is so surprising, either due to the manner of death, the age of the deceased or other circumstances that it can be considered shocking. Which of these actors' deaths most shocked you?

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    Judith Barsi

    Shot in the head by her father at age 10; he also shot her mother and himself
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    Bob Crane

    Bludgeoned to death at age 49
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    James Dean

    Car crash in the California desert at age 24
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    Jean Harlow

    Kidney failure at age 26
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    Phil Hartman

    Shot by his wife at age 49; she killed herself the same night
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman

    Acute mixed drug intoxication at age 46
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    Rock Hudson

    AIDS-related complications at age 59
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    Steve Irwin

    Pierced in the heart by a stingray at age 42
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    Heath Ledger

    Overdosed on prescription drugs at age 28
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    Bruce Lee

    Most likely allergic reaction at age 32; was ruled as "death by misadventure"
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    Brandon Lee

    Shot in an on-set accident at age 28
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    Carole Lombard

    Plane crash at age 33
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    Jayne Mansfield

    Car accident with three of her children in the back seat at age 34; because her wig flew off in the crash, rumors were spread that she had been decapitated
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    Marilyn Monroe

    Drug overdose at age 36
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    Vic Morrow

    Decapitated by a helicopter blade while filming a scene at age 53; two young children also perished in the accident
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    Heather O'Rourke

    Cardiac arrest caused by an acute bowel obstruction at age 12
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    River Phoenix

    Overdosed on heroin and cocaine at age 23
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    Elvis Presley

    Heart attack related to obesity and drug abuse at age 42
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    George Reeves

    Gunshot wound to the head at age 45; the cause has never been determined
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    John Ritter

    Aortic dissection at age 54
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    Rebecca Schaeffer

    Shot by a stalker at age 21
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    Adrienne Shelly

    Strangled at age 40; the scene was arranged to look like a suicide
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    Sharon Tate

    Stabbed by followers of Charles Manson at age 26; she was 38 weeks pregnant
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    Misty Upham

    Blunt-force injuries to head and torso and left in a wooded area near Seattle at age 32; the cause has never been discovered
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    Rudolph Valentino

    Ulcers and peritonitis at age 31
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    Paul Walker

    Single-car crash at age 40
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    Robin Williams

    Suicide by hanging at age 63
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    Anton Yelchin

    Crushed by his parked car as it rolled down a hill at age 27
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    Natalie Wood

    Drowned under mysterious circumstances at age 43
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    Gail Russell

    Liver damage and malnutrition caused by extreme alcoholism at age 36

    * Russell added 10/6/18

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