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Poll: Celebrities love IMDb too (Part 1)

We love IMDb and these celebrities love it too. Which of these quotes from celebrities about their favorite site known as IMDb, is your favorite? NOTE: VOTE ON YOUR FAVORITE QUOTE, NOT YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY. Click for part 2 here.


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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    "I love movies, so like everyone else, I use IMDb all the time." – Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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    Robert Downey Jr.

    "I think that IMDb is really important. For me, it’s The NY Post, it’s Rotten Tomatoes, and then when it’s time to get serious, it’s IMDb." – Robert Downey Jr.
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    Ben Kingsley

    "I think it’s a wonderful resource for those amongst us who love film. It’s like a wonderful library. And an instant dictionary. And a reference point of so much extraordinary information. It’s a very great resource." – Ben Kingsley
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    Tom Hiddleston

    "I use IMDb all the time. I’ve used it since its inception. I started using it as a student when I was 18, which is about the same time I got my first email address (about 1999). I was such a cinephile and such a movie lover by then that I loved making the connections and I loved looking up the 250 greatest movies of all time. Now, it’s a source of information. I’m probably on it every single day. I’m a subscriber to IMDbPro. I read the news. I look at what’s going on. I use it all the time." – Tom Hiddleston
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    Bella Heathcote

    "I use it everyday. I look at the Top News. I research whenever I’m going for an audition. I love IMDb." – Bella Heathcote
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    Clark Gregg

    "I use IMDb often on my phone when I’m at a restaurant and I see someone I worked with 8 or more years ago. And I’m quickly IMDb-ing to find out who the hell it is. I love that feature." – Clark Gregg
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    Cobie Smulders

    "[IMDb is] where I get all my entertainment news." – Cobie Smulders
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    Alice Eve

    "I use IMDb every time I have a meeting with a director and to check the news. [I follow IMDb’s] Movie News." – Alice Eve
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    Donald Sutherland

    "I use [IMDb]. I’m writing some stuff down. I have to go back and look at cast lists and things and I find them there." – Donald Sutherland
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    Jackie Earle Haley

    "It’s just such a great industry tool as well as a fan tool. You can just get any answer [to any question] that comes up in your head. It’s really made dinner conversations a little easier. Everybody will sit there [saying]: ‘No it was this.’ And somebody’s over there going [pantomimes using IMDb’s mobile app]: “No. It was THIS [pantomimes holding up a cell phone]." – Jackie Earle Haley
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    Denis Leary

    "I use it all the time in work. When I’m casting. You can check somebody’s resume. You can find out what they’ve done and therefore who they’ve worked with that you might know that you can call and say, ‘Hey is this person alright?’ It’s great for that. It really is. I use it everyday almost." – Dennis Leary
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    Josh Hutcherson

    "I go on there all the time. Anytime I’m going on a new project or when I’m meeting with somebody. It’s really a nice tool." – Josh Hutcherson
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    Tim Burton

    "I use it to find out who I am, what I’ve done and what I intend to do." – Tim Burton
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    Julia Roberts

    What do you have to do to get on IMDbPro?" – Julia Roberts
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    Woody Harrelson

    "I look at IMDb all the time. And I say it all the time. Because when people say, 'So, can you tell me what you’ve done?' I just go, 'IMDB me.'" – Woody Harrelson
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    Armie Hammer

    "I even have my own page on IMDb! It’s the industry tool and standard." – Armie Hammer
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    Andrew Garfield

    "I only use [IMDb] to look myself up and check out what people are saying on the comments boards -- whether people like me or not. And if they don’t like me, then they’re idiots. And if they do like me, then they’re my friends. And they’re smart. I did use IMDb to look up myself when I first became an actor. I gotvery, very excited when I first did my first movie. And then the first comment [on IMDb’s message board] was mean. So I stopped. It was about my eyebrows. They said my eyebrows are too big. And maybe they’re right. I mean I have to live with them. I’m not going to pluck them for anyone." – Andrew Garfield
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    Robert Pattinson

    "I use IMDb for everything. I think pretty much every actor does. It’s like the only...I don’t even know if there is another (entertainment) resource is there? It’s kind of amazing. I used IMDb before I even started acting. it’s a great site." – Robert Pattinson
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    Kristen Stewart

    "IMDb: It’s the first place you go to know anything. Literally. It’s like, ‘I’m not sure, IMDb it!'" – Kristen Stewart
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    Hugh Jackman

    "For someone who’s been in a number of movies and been around Hollywood a lot, I kind of am an ignoramous. People will say, 'Well you met such and such.' And I go, 'Who’s such and such?' I should know more. Maybe I should read the trades. I have the app for IMDb. I look it up. So I’m like, 'Yeah, I know what you mean. Oh, right, that person!' So yeah, I do use it quite a lot." – Hugh Jackman
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    Zoe Saldana

    "In Hollywood, I can’t live without IMDb." – Zoe Saldana
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    Octavia Spencer

    "I like to see what’s going on and IMDb always let’s you know what’s going on in the film community." – Octavia Spencer
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    Harrison Ford

    "[I use IMDb] because I don’t know nuthin’ about movies. I just work there." – Harrison Ford
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    Viola Davis

    "I’m addicted. I swear to you. 20 times a day. I’ll look at your page, I’ll look at mine. I love it. I like the STARmeter too." – Viola Davis
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    Jessica Chastain

    "I like to watch the trailers. That’s my favorite thing – going on IMDb and seeing, ‘Ooh … Here’s the new trailer for this [film]." – Jessica Chastain
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    Bryce Dallas Howard

    "I click on IMDb probably 10 times a day. That’s not an exaggeration. I use it for work. If I’m looking at a project or an actor, IMDb’s the source . . . it’s where I go for all my information." – Bryce Dallas Howard

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