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Poll: Stuck In A Room Situations

Being stuck in a room is something no one wants to go through. These following movies have characters stuck in a room of some sorts.

Which situation would you not want to go through?

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    Panic Room (2002)

    You're stuck in a panic room, while burglars are trying to get in.
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    Rear Window (1954)

    You're stuck in an apartment, while you are lurking on your neighbour. Who might be a murderer.
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    Cube (1997)

    You're stuck in a life size cube full with dangerous and deadly traps.
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    Saw (2004)

    You're stuck in an old bathroom, but someone is playing mind games with you.
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    Devil (2010)

    You're stuck in an elevator with a group of people, but one of them is actually the devil in disguise.
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    Phone Booth (2002)

    You're stuck in a phonebooth, but a person might have a sniper rifle aimed at your head.
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    The Breakfast Club (1985)

    You're stuck in the school library on a saturday, with a few other students.
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    Misery (1990)

    You're stuck in a small room with a broken leg, while an obsessive fan takes care of you.
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    Exam (2009)

    You're stuck in a room with a few other people, but you need to answer one question before you can get out. The only question is: What is the question?.
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    Fermat's Room (2007)

    You're stuck in a shrinking room. You will get crushed by the room if you don't find out how to get out.
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    Unknown (2006)

    You're stuck in an old warehouse with other strangers. It's up to you to find out who's good and who's bad.
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    The Disappearance of Alice Creed (2009)

    You're held captive in an abandoned apartment by two former convicts
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    The Defilers (1965)

    You're stuck in the basement of an old warehouse, where two thugs force you to be their sex slave.
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    The Skin I Live In (2011)

    You're stuck in a house of a brilliant plastic surgeon, while he is performing physical tests on you.
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    1408 (2007)

    You're stuck in an old paranormal hotel room.
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    The Hole (2001)

    You're stuck in the depths of a sealed underground hole created decades ago as a possible bomb shelter.
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    The Drowning Pool (1975)

    You're locked in a hydrotherapy room, with the water rising to the ceiling.
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    Room (2015)

    You're stuck in a small room with your six year old son, but you get raped every night by your son's father.
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    Oldboy (2003)

    You're locked in the hotel room for 15 years.
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    Snakes on a Plane (2006)

    You're stuck on a plane, with deadly snakes.
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    Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

    You're stuck in a bank as a hostage in a robbery.
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    The Mist (2007)

    You're stuck in a supermarket while deadly monsters waiting outside.
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    Buried (2010)

    You're stuck in a coffin in the middle of Iraqi dessert.
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    12 Angry Men (1957)

    You're stuck in a room as juror, while deciding the faith of a young man.

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