patty simcox,susan buckner???either one ,what a babe!!!
10 February 2005
i only remember watching this show because it had susan buckner in it,who i had see play 'patty simcox' in 'grease' a few years before and i thought she was incredibly sexy. i remember the show being extremely inane and in dyer need of better comedy writers and better plots,but that did'nt stop me from tuning every week for about a month or so,to oggle and drool over the sumptuous miss buckner in an array of skin tight jeans,skin tight tops,work boots and a hard hat lolling the shows worksite. i remember the show being about a crew of comical misfits causing there bosses furrowed brows and red faces over there shenanigans over the span of a half hour. but alas the show wasn't good enough to generate much more from me other than a passing yen for the buxom miss buckner. to bad though,she was really quite hot.
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