Review of Hot Tub

Not Going Out: Hot Tub (2017)
Season 8, Episode 4
Hot Tub
11 February 2017
The children's appearance was almost non existent in this episode, replaced by star cameos. Babies replaced by Baby Spice!

Lee and Lucy invite Toby and Anna round for dinner and each one nominates a celebrity who they like to share a hot tub with. Anna seems to want any top Hollywood male star, Toby would like Susie Dent from Countdown, Lee would not mind Emma Bunton and Lucy opts for her dentist who is not a celebrity but it makes Lee jealous as he goes round to see who this dentist is.

Toby is due to meet Emma Bunton for a charity fundraiser and Lee joins him so he can have a selfie with her to make Lucy jealous instead.

A nicely amusing episode as Lee and Lucy get desperate to make their respective partners jealous and Toby has the last laugh in the hot tub.
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