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APB (2016–2017)
Platitudinal and played out
14 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Took me several attempts just to get to watch the whole first episode of the show as i couldn't help myself but think "wow, another show about a tech genius solving world problems. What can go wrong?" - they never go well as most of them are exaggerated. Firstly, how is using the APB app a better option than dialing 911 & saying out the location ? I would have loved to see them make a plot execution where they integrate the location feature with the dialing the emergency number compared to typing a whole text message in an app. In an emergency situation, who would even think of opening an app? Secondly,the billionaire 'problem solver' doesn't he have more important other things than to wait for crimes to happen and pilot drones from a police station ? Couldn't they train an actual cop manned to do that? Thirdly, 'I'm an engineer' keeps getting tossed like it's a new thing and no one has ever been an engineer before. What's up with that? Hollywood needs to stop codswallop us with how technology works. I hate to say this but i'm a software and electrical engineer, I'm well versed how tech works. I get a slapped face look every time someone asks me to do what they saw on TV. This looks more like a video game than a TV show. I would play it
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