Bad adaptation of a fantastic book
13 August 2017
I read the book just a few weeks before the movie came out so it was still fresh in my mind when I went to see this film. Woody Harrelson was superb as always but the movie really glossed over his character. There was no depth to the movie at all and at times it felt ridiculous and insulting to watch the Hollywood portrayal of these characters, particularly with Naomi Watts. Naomi's make-up and wardrobe were horribly contrived and her acting wasn't much better. She was a bad choice for Rose Mary. The movie changed the order and places of events, skipped about half the book, and threw some important parts in at awkward times just to get them in the movie. They also just plain made stuff up, particularly with the ending.

The movie lost the emotional punch of the book because they omitted everything that was difficult and meaningful. I didn't care about any of the characters and I was so frustrated and bored that I actually got up and left the theater for a few minutes. It was a sugar-coated, feel good mess. My advice, if this plot seems interesting to you, is to read the book and skip the movie. You'll thank me later.
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