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Taqdeer (2020– )
Is it really a Bengali Web Series!
18 December 2020
Taqdeer is the driver of a hearse freezer van. One day he discovered the body of an unknown woman in his van. he tried to find out who left the body. As he moves forward with that body, he has unknowingly stepped into an unknown trap. Gradually the real mystery unfolds. Taqdeer embarks on an unknown adventure.

I can't believe this is a Bengali web series. The plot of the story is strong enough to keep you tense all the time. I love the screenplay, no time-wasting, decent speed, and of course no nudity.

Chanchal Chowdhury as Taqdeer was remarkable. He is one of the best Bengali actors alive. You will be amused by watching him in this series. Sohail Rana as Montu is outstanding. Shoutout to the director of this series Syed Ahmed Shawki who is previously known for his debut directing movie 'Iti, Tomari Dhaka', I believe he will be known as the director of Taqdeer from now. This series is amazing in one word. Location, Lighting, Music, Cinematography was remarkable. Shoutout to the all cast & crew who gives the best performance in their own department.

I hope this series will lead and inspired others to make meaningful web series.
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