Review of 420

420 (2007–2008)
One of the Best Bangladeshi TV Series of All-time!
21 December 2020
It won't be wrong if I called this series as a masterpiece. Lutfur Rahman George & Mosarraf Karim steal the show and create a legacy. Nobody can be Kislu or Montu again for sure.

Arguably the best work by the director Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. It was never easy to take an attempt to make a political TV Series in Bangladesh. He is the first one who did this and shows the dark side through the comedy. It was brilliant.

I remember back in 2008/2009, people use to watch this series again and again and nobody even find it boring. Totally unpredictable series and this is the strength of this series. Because of unpredictability, so many people didn't want the ending happened that way. But i know, because of that ending, everybody will remember it so long time.
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