Post War Lifes
2 January 2021
It tells the story of three people who set out to return home after the Second World War. There are soldiers who started the psychological war in social life because of what they experienced during the war. Supporting and presenting the point of view of the society does not make people sad. By adding love stories, a good story emerges. The fact that he provides information about the American family life and tells it sweetly despite such a subject has made the movie a complete Hollywood classic. william wyler is a director who manages to explain romance very well. It markets emotional situations according to social and moral conditions and realizes its presentation extremely well. the greatest example is the roman holiday. The duration is too long according to the story, there are many scenes that cut the fluency and re-enter. this may bore some spectators. It is unnecessary to wander between the three characters and to give the same amount of space. It was one of the elements that attracted attention when watching the movie. There is no need for such sagging for films that add the return stories of people who have lived under bad conditions and instill happiness. Of course, if there is no creep in the subject. It can be called a classic. If you have reservations about the duration, it is useful to turn to other alternatives.
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