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Janowar (2021)
I can't get it out of my head
16 January 2021
Raihan Rafi is one of the most promising talented directors of our time. Earlier, he introduced himself with two movies. Going beyond the conventional trend in the history of Bengali cinema, he gave surprises in the previous two movies. However, 'Janowar' has overwhelmed everything.

I could guess a bit after watching the trailer, but after watching the movie I can't get it out of my head now. There was violence but the tension did more than that. Each character is brought to life. You will be forced to hate some characters.

Although I expect more rather than the torture scene all the time, I felt pretty disturbing while watching the movie. Thought police have a pretty vital role in this movie. I expected that how police have investigated and arrested the criminal will be shown, but it is not.

Everyone has done well in acting. Such a movie has been made as a result of everyone's equal contribution. But Apu and the little girl of the movie was remarkable. mind blowing performance by both of them. The cinematography is extraordinary and brilliant.

In the end, I will say this, 'Janowar' is a milestone in the history of Bengali movies. It is very important for a Bengali film to have such a movie. I hope the good days of the Bengali film will come with the help of Raihan Rafi and others.
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