Money (2016)
Dirty Money and Thieves
14 February 2021
"Money" is a film with an interesting beginning: two couples are having a dinner party when a new neighbor knocks at the door and is invited by the hostess to join the party. Soon the social masks of hosts and guests fall and the real character of each player is disclosed in a cat and mouse game. Unfortunately the screenplay is absolutely flawed and the characters are non-likable and stupid (with the exception of the gardener). There are unanswered questions, like how the manipulative John knows so many details of Sylvia and Mark lives and home. The tart Christina is maybe the most stupid character. How the Sylvia, Mark and Sean discuss personal problems in front of John and Christina? What happened to Sean's car and his body? Was the police informed about his fate? My vote is three.

Title (Brazil): "Dinheiro em Jogo" ("Money at Stake")
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