It's Star Wars. Need I say more?
19 June 2021
Watched as part of a Star Wars Marathon, hence the shorter review.

Star Wars. What is there to say about this film that hasn't already been said? The characters are well written caricatures; the doe-eyed hero, the princess who doesn't need saving, the sleazy hotshot, and the wise mentor. The story is simple, but it serves its purpose. The creativity poured into the background characters and the sets is clear, and every idea is realised to its full potential. The music is sweeping, capturing the feel of every scene perfectly. Sadly, the fight choreography was laughably bad, and not a lot occurred in the two hour duration, most likely as this film acted as setup for the next two. Despite this, it's arguably the single most innovative, iconic movie of all time. It's influenced countless other films since its release, and spawned an 11-movie franchise, alongside 7 TV shows. The genius camerawork, the stark set design, the use of new techniques like miniatures or bluescreens, everything about this film was decades ahead of its time. Everyone should watch this film for the insane technical feat it was, regardless of if they care for the story.


--Admin-- Violence - A bloody severed arm. Other characters are shot bloodlessly.

Sex/Nudity - None.

Language - None.

Miscellaneous Themes - Off-screen (but obvious) genocide.
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