Date of Death between 1974-01-01 and 1974-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Descending)

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2. Ollie Burgoyne

Actress | Laughter

Ollie Burgoyne was born on June 13, 1878 in Illinois, USA. She was an actress, known for Laughter (1930). She died on April 2, 1974 in Oxnard, California, USA.

3. Harold 'Hal' Varney

Actor | Because of You

Harold 'Hal' Varney was born on May 5, 1898 in Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA as Harold Johnson Varney. He was an actor, known for Because of You (1952). He died on June 20, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

5. Arthur Kaps

Director | Amigos del martes

Arthur Kaps was born in 1908 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary. He was a director, known for Amigos del martes (1961), Cita con Marilín: eran tres paraguas (1968) and Martes y trece (1962). He died in 1974 in Barcelona, Spain.

6. Louis Johnson

Camera Department | Oliver Twist

7. Chuck Goldstein

Actor | Singing on the Trail

Chuck Goldstein was born on September 20, 1914 in Buffalo, New York, USA. He was an actor, known for Singing on the Trail (1946). He died on August 18, 1974 in Fort Lee, New Jersey, USA.

8. Kid Jofre

Self | Quebrando a Cara

Kid Jofre was born as José Aristides Jofre. He died on March 23, 1974 in São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

9. Mildred Harrison

Actress | The Curious Female

Mildred Harrison was born on November 28, 1910. She was an actress, known for The Curious Female (1970), Perry Mason (1957) and The Bill Cosby Show (1969). She died on July 1, 1974.

11. Stanley Rochinski

Soundtrack | L.A. Confidential

Stanley Rochinski was born on August 31, 1900 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA. He was married to Marie A. Soper. He died in October 1974 in Washington, District of Columbia, USA.

12. Gladys Feldman

Actress | West of the Water Tower

Gladys Feldman was born on September 28, 1886 in Evanston, Illinois, USA. She was an actress, known for West of the Water Tower (1923), Shams of Society (1921) and Breaking In (1925). She was married to Horace Braham. She died on February 12, 1974 in New York City, New York, USA.

13. Edmund Biernacki

Actor | Czarci zleb

Edmund Biernacki was born on November 16, 1886 in Warsaw, Poland, Russian Empire. He was an actor, known for Czarci zleb (1950), Adventure in Marienstadt (1954) and Skarb (1949). He died on June 18, 1974 in Skolimów, Konstancin-Jeziorna, Mazowieckie, Poland.

14. Natalya Belyovtseva

Actress | Drama na okhote

Natalya Belyovtseva was born on January 21, 1895 in Moscow, Russian Empire as Natalya Alekseevna Gessing. She was an actress, known for Drama na okhote (1918) and The Anna Cross (1954). She died on August 8, 1974 in Moscow, RSFSR, USSR.

15. Vito Pandolfi

Writer | Gli ultimi

Vito Pandolfi was born on December 24, 1917 in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy. He was a writer and director, known for Gli ultimi (1963), The Golden Coach (1952) and La grande avventura di Scaramouche (1972). He died on March 19, 1974 in Rome, Lazio, Italy.

16. Tino Muff

Actor | Aféra plukovníka Rédla

Tino Muff was born on November 16, 1904 in Prague, Austria-Hungary as Antonín Mach. He was an actor, known for Aféra plukovníka Rédla (1931), Hudba srdcí (1934) and Dokud mas maminku (1934). He died on December 24, 1974 in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

18. Donald Verk

Assistant Director | Web of Danger

19. Laurie Lange

Actor | Antony and Cleopatra

Laurie Lange was an actor, known for Antony and Cleopatra (1959), Homicide (1964) and The Interpretaris (1966). He died in 1974.

20. Dorothy Wordsworth

Actress | The Law Divine

Dorothy Wordsworth was born on March 27, 1899 in Putney, London, England as Dorothy Joan Garth. She was an actress, known for The Law Divine (1920). She died on June 3, 1974 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

22. Helen Matthews Altman

Actress | Pot au feu

Helen Matthews Altman was born as Helen Matthews. She was an actress, known for Pot au feu (1966). She died in June 1974 in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

23. Ernst Sattler

Actor | Der Ochsenkrieg

Ernst Sattler was born on October 14, 1887 in Munich, Germany as Ernst Roth. He was an actor, known for The War of the Oxen (1943), Das Vergnügen, anständig zu sein (1962) and Bal paré (1940). He died on January 3, 1974 in Munich, Bavaria, West Germany.

24. Mara Rebró

Actress | Mazsola és Tádé

Mara Rebró was born on March 4, 1935 in Budapest, Hungary. She was an actress, known for Mazsola és Tádé (1969). She died on May 10, 1974 in Budapest.

25. Thedy

Self | Elegía por un circo

Thedy was born in 1885 as Teodoro Aragon. He died on December 30, 1974 in Madrid, Spain.

26. Douglas Hurn

Producer | The Great Detective

Douglas Hurn was born on June 14, 1925 in Swansea, Wales as Robert George Douglas Hurn. He was a producer and director, known for The Great Detective (1953), R3 (1964) and The Children of the New Forest (1955). He was married to Isabel Millar Smith. He died on September 22, 1974 in Essex, England.

27. Hector Bolitho

Writer | The Young Elizabethans

New Zealand writer Henry Hector Bolitho was born in Auckland in 1897. At 18 years of age he got a job as a reporter for a newspaper in New Zealand. In 1922 he moved to England, and it was there he published his first novel. He wrote extensively on historical matters, but especially the history of ...

28. Ellen Sylvin

Actress | Tukkijoella

Ellen Sylvin was born on December 15, 1903 in Kajaani, Finland. She was an actress, known for Tukkijoella (1928), Korkein voitto (1929) and Nuori luotsi (1928). She died on April 20, 1974 in London.

29. Richard Hulsenbeck

Actor | 8 X 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements

Richard Hulsenbeck was born on April 23, 1892 in Frankenau, Hessen-Nassau, Germany as Carl Wilhelm Richard Hülsenbeck. He was an actor, known for 8 X 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements (1957). He was married to Elisabeth Loechelt and Beate Wolff. He died on April 20, 1974 in Muralto, Ticino, ...

30. Imre Vörös

Actor | Szováthy Éva

Imre Vörös was born on November 15, 1903 in Barcs, Hungary. He was an actor, known for Szováthy Éva (1944) and Rózsa Sándor (1971). He died on May 15, 1974 in Budapest, Hungary.

31. Frantisek Gotz

Writer | V horách duní

Goetz was a major theater and literary critic.

32. Zdenek Ríha

Actor | Varúj...!

Zdenek Ríha was born on May 22, 1905 in Opava, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Beware! (1947), Zemianska cest (1958) and Vlcie diery (1948). He died on December 23, 1974 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

33. Nils Fritz

Actor | Festivitetssalongen

Nils Fritz was born on May 23, 1912 in Kristinehamn, Värmlands län, Sweden. He was an actor, known for Festivitetssalongen (1965), Lita på mej älskling (1961) and Stora skrällen (1943). He died on February 24, 1974 in Forslövsholm, Skåne län, Sweden.

34. Khaziakhmet Bukharskiy

Actor | Salavat Yulayev

Khaziakhmet Bukharskiy was born on January 1, 1899 in Satlamyshevo, Sviyazhsk uyezd, Kazan Governorate, Russian Empire as Khaziakhmet Girfanutdinovich Galimov. He was an actor, known for Salavat Yulayev (1940). He died on May 13, 1974 in Ufa, Bashkir ASSR, RSFSR, USSR.

35. Hertta Kuusinen

Self | Vappu 1946

Hertta Kuusinen was born on February 14, 1904 in Luhanka, Finland as Hertta Elina Kuusinen. She was married to Yrjö Leino and Tuure Lehén. She died on March 18, 1974 in Moscow, USSR.

37. Milton Gschwind

Self | What's My Line?

Milton Gschwind was born on September 10, 1902. He died in February 1974.

38. Graham Cheswright

Actor | Fire Over England

Graham Cheswright was born on April 7, 1890 in Croydon, Surrey, England as Frederick Grahame Cheeswright. He was an actor, known for Fire Over England (1937), The Scarab Murder Case (1936) and Fair Exchange (1936). He died on January 24, 1974 in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England.

39. Raymond G. Moses

Actor | West Point

Raymond G. Moses was born on December 26, 1891 in Buffalo, New York, USA. He is known for his work on West Point (1927). He died on July 16, 1974 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, USA.

40. Rudolf Bachlet

Actor | Rodná zem

Rudolf Bachlet was born on December 8, 1895 in Svosov, Austria-Hungary. He was an actor, known for Rodná zem (1954), Orlie pierko (1972) and Brothers (1962). He died on November 27, 1974 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia.

41. Adele Ray

Actress | The Moth and the Flame

Known for her eccentricities, in 1913 Adele Ray attempted to start fashion trends--once, by promoting the wearing of long split skirts in the winter, protecting the legs by wearing fur anklets; it failed to catch on. She moved to Nyack, New York after her first marriage ended, and scandalized the ...

42. Marie Rovenská

Actress | Florenc 13:30

Marie Rovenská was born on May 14, 1902 in Neplachov, Cechy, Austria-Hungary. She was an actress, known for Florenc 13:30 (1957) and Smrt za oponou (1967). She died on November 10, 1974 in Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia.

43. Georges Toudouze

Writer | Les élus de la mer

Playwright and novelist, as well as professor of history, theatre and costume at the National Conservatory of Paris.

44. Milan Hlavín

Actor | Karhanova parta

Milan Hlavín was born in 1920. He was an actor, known for Karhanova parta (1951) and The Key (1971). He died in 1974.

45. Duffy Kirk

Actor | The Twin Fedoras

Duffy Kirk was born on January 31, 1896 in Illinois, USA. He was an actor, known for The Twin Fedoras (1917). He died on May 24, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

46. Axel Schultz

Actor | Under det sorte Flag

Axel Schultz was born on February 12, 1890 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He was an actor, known for Under det sorte Flag (1913), Der var engang en Vicevært (1937) and Carl Pedersen (1949). He died on September 18, 1974.

48. Bert Niehoff

Self | 1915 World's Championship Series

Bert Niehoff was born on May 13, 1884 in Louisville, Colorado, USA as John Albert Niehoff. He died on December 8, 1974 in Inglewood, California, USA.

49. Giulio Oppi

Actor | Lohengrin

Giulio Oppi was an actor, known for Lohengrin (1936), Lohengrin (1948) and Peccatori (1945). He died on December 24, 1974 in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

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