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Father and Son: The Story of Mencius (2004)

Father and Son: The Story of Mencius (2004)

  -   Comedy

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Mother of Mencius resurrected in Korea?! The First Move! "The Home of Folk Music!" MENG Man-su is a single parent who lives for nothing but his only son. He wants his son to study well and become successful in life. One day an undertaker visits him and asks for his son to be his protégé to sing pallbearers' dirges. He gets so upset that he moves to Seoul that very same night and settles down in the slums. The Second Move! "School in the front! Mountain in the back!" MENG Man-su begins to sell fish for a living. This time, he happens to see his son singing an adult song, surrounded by neighbors, when he's supposed to be studying! Spanking his son with a frozen pollack, he decides to move for the second time. His second place is an apartment overlooking a school with a mountain behind the building. The Third Move! "Home should be within 1 kilometer from school and an institute to prepare to go to the best college!" Sa-sung grows up to be high school student, who tops his school in academic performance. Man-su is so proud of his son. However, he hears about all the good schools and institutes in Gangnam area, the wealthiest in the country, and falls into a dilemma. Finally, he borrows money from a cruel loan shark and moves for the third time.
Ji-yeong Kim
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