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  • As a publicity stunt, Jerry Manning (Dennis O'Keefe) convinces his girlfriend Kiki Walker (Jean Brooks), a nightclub performer in New Mexico, to use a tame black leopard (Dynamite) in her act. When Kiki walks on stage with the leashed leopard, castanet-dancer Clo-Clo (Margo), angry at being upstaged, scares the leopard, and it bolts. Soon, various young women are killed by what appears to be a leopard attack. While the police search for the leopard, Jerry, Kiki, and the leopard's owner Charlie How-Come (Abner Biberman) don't believe that it's the leopard's doing and begin searching in another direction. Edit

  • The Leopard Man is based on Black Alibi, a 1942 novel by American writer Cornell Woolrich. The novel was adapted for the movie by Ardel Wray and Edward Dein. Edit

  • Three. First is Teresa Delgado (Margaret Landry), the young girl whose mother sent her out to buy cornmeal for tortillas. Second is birthday girl Consuelo Contreras (Tuulikki Paananen) who is planning to meet her lover Raoul Belmonte (Richard Martin) in the cemetery. Third is castanet dancer Clo Clo. Edit

  • When Charlie informs Jerry that he found the leopard's body in an arroyo where it had been shot and skinned several days ago, Jerry remembers that, when he and museum curator Doctor Galbraith (James Bell) searched that area together, Galbraith went into the arroyo alone. Jerry concludes that Galbraith must have been the one who found and shot the leopard and then did the killings while trying to pin them on the leopard, so he and Kiki cook up a plan. Kiki goes to the museum under guise of wanting to watch the procession as it passes by. Kiki asks Galbraith to turn off the lights to better see the procession. When he joins her at the window, she drops a pair of castanets, and Galbraith turns on her, but Jerry and Raoul suddenly enter and prevent him from doing her any harm. Galbraith runs outside and tries to conceal himself in the passing procession, but Jerry and Raoul pluck him out. Gailbraith confesses to killing Consuelo in the cemetery, and Raoul shoots him. In the final scene, as Raoul is answering to the police, Jerry and Kiki admit that they like each other to be 'soft' (to care about people). Edit



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