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  • Federal agent Wilson (Edward G. Robinson) of the Allied War Crimes Commission locates the man he believes to be Holocaust criminal Franz Kindler (Orson Welles) living in Harper, Connecticut and posing as Professor Charles Rankin at a local prep school. Newly married to Mary Longstreet (Loretta Young), daughter of Supreme Court Justice Adam Longstreet (Philip Merivale), Kindler believes his identity is safe, but his wife's love for him, Wilson's relentless pursuit, and Kindler's fascination with antique clocks may prove to be his undoing. Edit

  • The Stranger is based on a storyline by Russian film-maker Victor Trivas adaptions by Trivas and Decla Dunning, and a screenplay by American screenwriter Anthony Veiller. Edit

  • A swastika. He thinks better of it and begins to disguise the drawing immediately after creating it. He changes it into a house ... maybe the clock tower. Edit

  • Surprised at finding Mary alive and learning that she sent her brother Noah (Richard Long) to the clock tower in her place, Kindler confesses that it was she he intended to kill...not Noah. In a rage, Mary hands him a fireplace poker and challenges him to kill her with it. Instead, he runs out into the woods just as Wilson and Noah drive up. When Mary sees Noah alive, she faints. When she awakens from her faint, she quietly leaves the house and heads for the clock tower where she suspects her husband is hiding. She climbs up the ladder to the loft, and Kindler helps her over the broken rung but only after she assures him that she came alone. When Mary admits that she came to kill him, Kindler laughs and says that it is she who is going to die. Just then Wilson appears and confronts Kindler, telling him that there is nowhere else he can run and knocks the gun out of his hand. Mary picks it up and begins firing at her husband, hitting him in the shoulder. Kindler moves up into the belfry and falls out onto a ledge where he is impaled by the clock mechanism he repaired and falls to the ground. In the final scene, Wilson refuses to come down from the loft until someone gets him a new ladder. He lights his pipe and tells Mary to have 'pleasant dreams.' Edit



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