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Season 2

11 Nov. 1953
Trail to Danger
A local postman is attacked and stabbed by two men hoping to intercept a map to an unclaimed diamond mine being sent to a man and his daughter. Learning of the circumstances from the dying mailman, Ramar sets out to stop the two men from stealing the mine from its rightful owners, and most likely killing them while they're at it.
28 Nov. 1953
Idol Voo-Doo
An American explorer has stolen sacred idols from the Ngoma village, which the villagers believed protected them from illness and evil spirits. When the natives began to come down with mysterious ailments, the chief decides to execute one white man for every villager who dies. Dr. Reynolds must find the fleeing explorer and get the idols back before anyone else dies.
4 Dec. 1953
King of the Watus
Tom, Prof. Ogden and Willy accompany a woman into the lands of the fierce Watus tribe as she searches for her missing husband.
12 Dec. 1953
Dark Venture
A beautiful but evil scientist plans to test her latest discovery, atomic gas, on the local natives. Dr. Reynolds finds out about her despicable scheme and sets out to stop her.
26 Dec. 1953
The Sacred Monkey
Tom and Howard come across a savage tribe that worships a breed of monkeys that they say lives longer than human beings do. Wanting to investigate this further, the pair seek out the tribe's camp to try to capture one of these mysterious monkeys.
16 Jan. 1954
The Devil's Soul
Ogden and Reynolds come upon a local funeral, and are shocked to see that the "dead" man on the funeral pyre is very much alive. The natives believe that they have just seen the "walking dead", but Reynolds and Ogden think otherwise.
23 Jan. 1954
Urn of Destiny
After an American explorer removes the the sacred "Urn of Destiny" from the Tomb of Akara, he is suddenly seized by murderous rages, but then has no recollection of anything that he has done. Baffled, Dr. Reynolds consults with a local doctor, who tells him that the explorer's condition is brought on by the urn itself, which is cursed.
30 Jan. 1954
The Hidden Treasure
A doctor's houseboy is murdered, and all the clues lead to a missing talisman and the mysterious Kaali cult.
6 Feb. 1954
The Crocodile God of Kaa
The brutal Crocodile cult of Kaa is kidnapping villagers and threatening to sacrifice them if a ransom is not paid. The cultists have superhuman strength, and Dr. Reynolds sets out to discover the source of their power, destroy the cult and rescue the villagers.
13 Feb. 1954
The Tiger's Claw
A plantation owner is killed in an apparent tiger attack, but Reynolds and Prof. Ogden don't believe it was a tiger. They set out to determine who the real killer is before they themselves become the next victims.
20 Feb. 1954
The Forbidden Village
While traveling through the jungle in search of the Forbidden Village, Ogden and Reynolds come upon an American photographer who has just been chased from the village. The villagers believe that the photographer's presence has caused an outbreak of plague, and are threatening to kill anyone who comes to the village. Reynolds knows that he must enter the village to try to save the plague victims, even under the penalty of death.
27 Feb. 1954
The Mystic Pawn
Ramar helps a businessman whose daughter has joined a cult whose leader is trying to extort money from her.
6 Mar. 1954
The Bride of the Idol
A friend of Zahir is kidnapped by members of the Shanda cult, who intend to make her the bride of their murderous god. Reynolds and Prof. Ogden set out to rescue the girl from a fate worse than death.
13 Mar. 1954
The Road of No Return
After stopping to drink at a jungle well, Ramar and Prof. Ogden fall into a stupor, and are taken prisoner by a strange tribe.
20 Mar. 1954
Flower of Doom
Two men who have stolen the sacred tablets of an ancient tribe suddenly come down with a sickness that makes them waste away.
27 Mar. 1954
Two poachers plan to attack and rob a convoy of natives who are bringing ivory tusks to a nearby trading post.
3 Apr. 1954
Jungle Terror
A small plane crashes in an area ruled by a tribe of murderous cannibals. Ramar sets out to rescue the survivors before they become they become the main entrée on the cannibals' dinner menu.
10 Apr. 1954
Striped Fury
Wild animal hunter Jack O'Malley arrives in the area searching for two tigers that have escaped while being transported to India. The beasts are attacking and killing the natives, and the locals have come to believe that the animals are being controlled by Ramar's "black magic".

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