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Season 7

21 Sep. 1958
Blaze of Glory
A plumber receives a late night call for a job that turns out to be with a gang of jewel thieves.
5 Oct. 1958
Auf Wiedersehen
Robert "Spider" Johnson is stationed in Germany in 1951, where he is "adopted" as a father by an orphaned boy. Spider is a taciturn man, preferring to remain alone to hide the pain of his own orphaned youth. When he encounters an abandoned boy nicknamed Joe Louis, however, Spider feels an emotional bond with the child. He becomes unnerved though, when the boy mistakenly believes that the soldier is his father. Spider leaves town, denying that he has become attached to the orphan. But when Joe hides in the back of Spider's jeep, the soldier must confront his paternal ...
26 Oct. 1958
At Miss Minner's
Todays theme is At Miss Minner's.
7 Dec. 1958
The Last Rodeo
A champion rodeo rider, though getting older, refuses to retire to a ranch house, even though his fiancée begs him to. After another rider and friend of them both is killed during a show, she gives him a choice, quit and marry her or she'll leave him.
4 Jan. 1959
And One Was Loyal
Todays theme is And One Was Loyal.
18 Jan. 1959
The Stone
Retelling of the biblical tale of David and Goliath.
8 Mar. 1959
The Incredible Jewel Robbery
Jewel thieves Chico and Harpo Marx disguised as Groucho plan the perfect crime. Groucho appears as himself at the end in a police line up.
3 May 1959
Nora's husband Judge Wayne Douglas has been nominated for DA. He fires his campaign manager Neil Watson for receiving a questionable campaign contribution. Neil then asks Nora for a favor, reminding her of the favor he once did for her.
10 May 1959
Nobody's Child
Todays theme is Nobody's Child.

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