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Season 1

1 Oct. 1955
The Sorcerer
A psychologist is found dead in a seemingly sealed room. Inspector March needs to decide who had the most reason to kill him, and how did they accomplish the task.
8 Oct. 1955
The Abominable Snowman
Members of a Britsh mountain climbing club are seemingly terrorized by an abominable snow man after film of tracks belonging to the creature are released. March struggles to accept the nature of the creature, and what it's real motivations are.
15 Oct. 1955
Present Tense
March's niece witnesses her husband die in a plane crash. Soon after she begins to complain she can hear his voice in the night and others in the house become convinced her husband has returned as a ghost.
4 Oct. 1954
At Night All Cats Are Gray
A French model asks for Colonel March's help just hours before she's found murdered.
5 Nov. 1955
The Case of the Kidnapped Poodle
Colonel March is called in to investigate the theft of a valuable diamond as well as a poodle. As he continues his investigation he begins to think both incidents may be connected.
29 Oct. 1955
The Invisible Knife
March must solve the mystery of how a man could be stabbed to death by an invisible knife.
4 Feb. 1956
The Strange Event at Roman Fall
A woman is accused of killing her reclusive mystery writer husband.
12 Nov. 1955
The Headless Hat
While on holiday in France, there is a murder at the docks and Colonel March is asked by a friend of the French police to assist. The only clue left behind by the culprit, a sailor's cap - "looking for the head that fits this hat.
26 Nov. 1955
The Second Mona Lisa
'The Second Mona Lisa,' painted six months after the first, is targeted by rival collectors.
9 May 1956
Death in Inner Space
At an isolated château outside Paris, a scientist insists he's received radio waves emanating from the planet Mars.
17 Dec. 1955
The Talking Head
A 12 year old boy insists his dead father told him to kill his mother's new fiancée.
7 Jan. 1956
The Devil Sells His Soul
Colonel March uses hypnosis to crack the case of a stabbing murder.
14 Jan. 1956
Murder Is Permanent
The owner of a beauty salon is found stabbed to death.
21 Jan. 1956
The Silent Vow
Colonel March and Inspector Goron are present in a café when a customer dies from poisoned wine.
28 Jan. 1956
Death and the Other Monkey
A biologist is convinced that his test monkey was not only stolen but replaced.
11 Feb. 1956
The Stolen Crime
A man demands to be arrested for murdering his wealthy wife, whose death is attributed to natural causes.
18 Feb. 1956
The Silver Curtain
Behind the "silver curtain" spray from a fountain, a man is found dead with a knife in his back. Colonel March is called in to investigate.
25 Feb. 1956
Error at Daybreak
A shady businessman collapses on an oceanside jetty, the apparent victim of a heart attack, but a vacationing March discovers blood and a needle near the body.
3 Mar. 1956
Hot Money
A bank robber accuses a prominent attorney of committing the crime.
19 Nov. 1955
The Missing Link
Scotland Yard is baffled by the attempted theft of a museum's prized exhibit of the skull of 'Damascus Man.'
3 Dec. 1955
The Case of the Misguided Missal
A 15th century prayer volume disappears from a sealed casket inside the locked safe belonging to an Oxford Don.
14 Aug. 1956
The Deadly Gift
A pretty barmaid receives an unusual Christmas gift, a music box from a thief dead for ten years.
31 Dec. 1955
The Case of the Lively Ghost
A phony spiritualist believes she's truly summoned a real ghost.
10 Mar. 1956
Death in the Dressing Room
A Javanese dancer is murdered after alerting Colonel March of danger.
17 Mar. 1956
The New Invisible Man
A major insists he saw a pair of gloves shoot a man dead.
24 Sep. 1955
Passage at Arms
A French fencing team are involved in a London murder case.

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