Le Notti Bianche (1957) Poster

Maria Schell: Natalia



  • Mario : I don't come to places like this anymore. I like to walk around by myself, lost in thought.

    Natalia : So you're a dreamer too.

    Mario : Well, you know how it is. The imagination boils over, like water in a coffee pot. But it's a mistake, because you end up believing there's something real and tangible in your dreams, and you neglect life and reality.

  • Natalia : I don't know you. Please leave me alone.

    Mario : I don't know you either. Allow me to accompany you.

  • Mario : I'm sorry. I'm terribly shy. With girls, I mean. I'm not used to - I never know how to talk to them. The women I know...

    Natalia : Women like shy men. And so do I.

    Mario : Really? But, don't tell me that or you'll make me lose my shyness.

  • Natalia : Now I can say that I've been dancing.

    Mario : Now I can say that I've been happy.

  • Natalia : We didn't say a word, but for me it was as if we had said it all.

  • Natalia : Don't tell me you want to woo me? You're looking at me like a suitor and you can't. After everything I've told you, you mustn't fall in love with me. Besides, you may not get the chance. We may never see each other again.

  • Mario : Even if we're only friends, must we talk only about your woes? Let's talk about mine as well.

    Natalia : Do you have some?

    Mario : No. But, I could.

  • Mario : What difference does it make if I do tomorrow what I didn't do yesterday?

    Natalia : Exactly. What difference does yesterday or today make?

  • Natalia : I've loved him for a whole year. I've never been untrue. Not even in my thoughts. But it all means nothing to him. May God be with him. I want to forget him.

  • Mario : Natalia, look. Look at the sky. It's wonderful. What's happening? It's snowing.

    Natalia : Oh! It's snowing!

    Mario : It's snowing! It's snowing! It's snowing!

    Natalia : What more could you ask? It's snowing! It's snowing.

  • Mario : Just think. The whole city is asleep. They don't know a thing. Soon they'll start to wake up. They'll open their windows and say...

    Natalia : What a lovely day.

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