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Season 2

19 Apr. 1962
No News Is Good News
A patrol-man well-known to all three of the regulars is accused of being an accomplice in a robbery, so Marsha and C.E. persuade Lincoln to defend him. But is getting journalists involved wise?
26 Apr. 1962
The Boy Who Said No
A boy is kept back after school for refusing to agree with his teacher's narrative that General Custer was a hero, by seeing the point of view of the native American Indians. Jones takes time out to teach the school a lesson in democracy.
3 May 1962
The mother of an old school friend of Jones comes to see him, but this is no happy reunion - her son has just been convicted and sentenced to death for murder.
10 May 1962
The Walkout
Jones finds himself involved in a divorce case where his opposite number wants the unusual practice of a closed court to take place. But are three retired gallery regulars a help or a hindrance?
17 May 1962
Everybody Is Money
The widow of one of the greatest criminal lawyers Jones has ever known arrives while he is enjoying a barbecue, to tell him that her son is being employed by criminal gangs to give them legal advice on how to commit their crimes.
24 May 1962
Jones's father stops traffic on his return with his dramatic insistence that his son intervenes in a building project set to damage a natural lake.
31 May 1962
The Man Who Wanted to Die
A possibly innocent man refuses a life-saving operation because he would be put straight onto death row if he lived. Jones must try to convince him otherwise so he can defend him.
7 Jun. 1962
The Co-Operatives
Jones has just finished enjoying a game of golf when he is told that three ex-convicts are staying in his friend's apartment block and frightening the residents. But the man housing them wants to give them a fresh chance.
14 Jun. 1962
Thicker Than Water
Jones is out driving with Miss Spear when a boy runs out in front of them. They discover he is a hemophiliac so rush him to hospital. When he comes round he asks Jones to help him divorce his parents as he feels too much trouble.
21 Jun. 1962
What Can You Learn from Smoke Signals?
Lincoln wants to go fishing with his father, but pops would rather fight and drags him into a campaign to save a newspaper from its fate after the death of its editor.
28 Jun. 1962
C'est La Show Biz
Jones and the gang are off on vacation when a questionable agent bursts in asking him to defend a poor naive French model arrested for indecent exposure.
5 Jul. 1962
My Worthy Colleague
A 21-year old divorcee is desperate for access to the son he had with the girl he married when they were both teens. But the wife says he is a danger to the child, and Jones must face a formidable female foe.
12 Jul. 1962
Poor Eddie's Dead
A young man attacks a manager who he blames for stopping him from getting any kind of employment. Jones must discover if and why this is the case in order to get the boy released.

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