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Season 4

24 Sep. 1964
The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang: Part 1
An elderly man is accused of making bootleg wine - and he turns out not to be the only senior citizen involved.
1 Oct. 1964
The Seven Hundred Year Old Gang: Part 2
The District Attorney becomes increasingly aware that prosecuting "the 700-year-old gang" may damage his political chances.
8 Oct. 1964
Hero of the People
A lonely nonentity confesses (untruthfully) to the killing of a drug dealer in the hope of finding some transitory celebrity.
22 Oct. 1964
Conflict of Interests
The Prestons defend a drama critic in a libel case.
29 Oct. 1964
The Man Who
Lawrence Preston is persuaded to go into politics - and regrets it.
26 Nov. 1964
Lawrence Preston defends a once-famous actress on a drunk-driving charge.
3 Dec. 1964
The Siege
Gary Degan blames Lawrence Preston for his prison term - and now he holds him hostage.
10 Dec. 1964
City councilman Juan "Spanish John" Espejo has been indicted for extorting money from a contractor. Espejo claims the accusation is a maneuver designed to discredit Puerto Ricans in political life.
17 Dec. 1964
A Voice Loud and Clear
A strange young woman claims she has been told "by voices" to kill someone.
7 Jan. 1965
Whipping Boy
A single mother stands accused of murdering her two and a half year old son.
18 Feb. 1965
Fires of the Mind
Dr. Byron Saul's controversial use of LSD in treating his patients is called into question after a patient dies whilst under the drug's influence.
4 Mar. 1965
The Merry-Go-Round Mender
Young Christopher Yager is badly affected by his parents' divorce, but the well-intentioned efforts of his governess to help him lead to difficulties.

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