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The picture makes an eye-filling package of rollicking fun and thoughtful common sense. The humor sparkles with real, knowing sophistication.
At first glance, you might have expected the film to be a grand epic with some comedy. Instead, it’s largely a comedy with some serious moments.
It emerges as a tasty confection.
Disney’s adaptation of the first book in T. W. White’s colourful Arthurian trilogy The Once And Future King (which also served as the source for the musical Camelot) is formulaic matinee fare, competent and sprightly but undistinguished.
The high point of the picture is the antics of Merlin; at one point he's hilariously funny in his absentmindedness, and the next he shows his cunning.
There is still some life in the characterizations, though the animation is turning stiff and flat.
Maybe the film works best as nostalgia for Baby Boomers who recall the picture from their childhood.

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