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Season 1

27 Sep. 1964
Boy Meets Girl
Dr. Robert MacDonald is introduced to Project AF709, a female robot who doesn't look like any other robot he's ever seen: it's been made to look like a tall, gorgeous, statuesque woman.
4 Oct. 1964
Rhoda's First Date
Rhoda is asked out on a date by a man who doesn't know she's a robot. Since she hasn't been programmed not to go out on a date, she accepts.
11 Oct. 1964
Uninvited Guest
Reading Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" has had a peculiar effect on poor Rhoda. She's afflicted with spells of vertigo, as well as difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. The situation is complicated by an unexpected visit from Bob's boss.
18 Oct. 1964
Lesson in Love
Bob teaches Rhoda about romance.
8 Nov. 1964
The Love Machine
It would take a computer to find the right girl for Peter, and Bob has just the tool, Rhoda. He furnishes Rhoda with information on 250 girls working at the space lab, trying to find a match for Peter.
15 Nov. 1964
Beauty Contest
Irene sneaks Rhoda into a beauty contest, to which Bob is a judge.
29 Nov. 1964
My Robot, the Warden
Bob's working extremely hard on a magazine article, and he instructs Rhoda to make certain that he finishes on time.
23 Dec. 1964
I'll Leave It to You
An older man named Jonas Clay goes to see Dr. Robert McDonald, so that Dr. McDonald can certify him as sane since he wants to leave his money, 10 million dollars, in his will to a horticultural society. Jonas Clay claims that his sister Edwina and his nephew Waldo will contest the will. Dr. McDonald says that he will have to observe them all together in person, so he and Rhoda, as his secretary, spend time at their mansion.
6 Jan. 1965
Pool Shark
Peter owes a small fortune to a pool shark, but he very cleverly signed Bob's name to the IOU. They send in Rhoda to play the pool shark and with her abilities beat the shark and repays the debt.
20 Jan. 1965
The Kleptomaniac
Rhoda, unaware that department stores are places where people purchase things, helps herself to gems from a jewelry counter.
10 Feb. 1965
The Witness
Bob gets off to an inauspicious start as chairman of a road-safety committee by crashing into his neighbor's car, then Rhoda testifies in court about the entire incident.
17 Feb. 1965
Rhoda Meets Dr. Robinson
Peter is put in charge of Rhoda when Bob quits the show.
24 Feb. 1965
Rhoda the Escort
Rhoda goes to work for an escort service.

 Season 1 

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