Green Acres (TV Series 1965–1971) Poster


Eva Gabor: Lisa Douglas, Doris McGivney Hooter, Etta Thompson, Granny Clampett, Lastvogel Groinietz, Lydia Plunkett, Tessie Whittaker



  • Lisa Douglas : When you married me you knew that I couldn't cook, I couldn't sew, and I couldn't keep house. All I could do was talk Hungarian and do imitations of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    Oliver Douglas : Who?

  • Oliver Wendell Douglass : [after watching a "conversation" between Lisa and an oinking Arnold]  How can you carry on a conversation with him? I can't understand a thing he's saying!

    Lisa Douglas : That's because you don't LISTEN!

  • Lisa Douglas : Why do you want to irritate your corn?

    Oliver Douglas : Irrigate. It means put water on it.

    Lisa Douglas : Won't that irritate it?

  • Lisa Douglas : Could you keep it a secret from my husband? You see, I want to surprise him.

    Ralph Monroe : My lips are sealed.

    Hank Kimball : Now if we could only keep them that way.

    Ralph Monroe : If you weren't so sexy, I'd beat your brains out!

  • Hank Kimball : Hello, Mrs Douglas! How are you?

    Lisa Douglas : Hello, Mr. Kimball. I'm fine. Well, I'm not really fine. I have a little headache. Well, it isn't a little headache, it's a... it went away!

    Hank Kimball : I know somebody that talks just like that. Well, not just like that. What was his name? Oh yes, it was... no, it wasn't him...

  • [the Douglases are looking for clothes to donate to a rummage sale] 

    Oliver Douglas : Why don't we give away this one?

    Lisa Douglas : No that's the dress I graduated from high school in.

    Oliver Douglas : How about this one?

    Lisa Douglas : That's the dress I wore the first day of college.

    Oliver Douglas : [holding a black, low-cut dress]  What about this one?

    Lisa Douglas : That's the one I got expelled in.

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