Having a Wild Weekend (1965) Poster

Barbara Ferris: Dinah



  • Guy : Nothing I can get you?

    Dinah : No thanks. I seem to have everything a girl could possibly want.

    Guy : I must agree with you there.

  • Zissell : In some ways it was very stimulating - trying to guess your next move, arrive at your destination before you - which I did.

    Dinah : But, you missed the journey.

    Zissell : The story of my life.

  • Guy : Love and harmony everywhere, Nobody cared for gold, Happiness reign supreme, Too too good to be true


    Guy : It was only...

    Dinah , Guy : a dream.

  • Dinah : Are you really going to Spain? You don't care what happens to me once you get me to the island, do you?

    Steve : Don't go back to Zissell.

    Dinah : Why do you want to get there? Why can't you enjoy the journey?

    Steve : You give up too easily.

  • Dinah : Isn't it awful how everyone has to get old - and everything gets broken. Not much hope, is there?

    Guy : Young people are callously hopeful.

  • Dinah : It's completely deserted. It smells of dead holidays, doesn't it?

  • Dinah : You look tired, Leon.

    Zissell : Are you surprised? I've had to explain your disappearance to all those barons of beef.

  • Zissell : As long as you enjoyed it.

    Dinah : It was a gas, Leon! You should have come.

    Zissell : Perhaps, next time.

  • Dinah : You were saying - dry rot, woodworm, death watch Beatle?

  • Dinah : What do you do, then?

    Guy : Do? We don't do anything.

  • Guy : We're collectors.

    Dinah : Oh.

    Guy : Yes, we collect.

    Dinah : What sort of things?

    Guy : Anything that takes our fancy. She has her pieces - and I have mine.

    Dinah : Really?

    Guy : Would you care to see my collection?

    Dinah : Why not?

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