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Season 2

11 Sep. 1967
A Nice Place to Visit
While on a trip to Mexico, the group lands into trouble after Davy falls for the girlfriend of a local desperado.
18 Sep. 1967
The Picture Frame
Micky, Davy and Mike are duped into robbing a bank, thinking they're the stars of a new heist movie. After their arrest, it is up to Peter to prove his band mates' innocence while the trio of accused Monkees handle their own defense during the trial.
25 Sep. 1967
Everywhere a Sheik, Sheik
Faced with selecting a husband or be married to the evil Vidaru, Princess Colette of Nehudi picks out Davy's picture from a magazine. The Manchester Monkee is then put to the choice: marry a beautiful girl and life a life of luxury or be killed. In case he agrees, the remaining three Monkees will be granted high ranking positions on his staff (not to mention their pick of harem maidens). Of course, Vidaru plans to get rid of the Monkees whether they agree or not.
2 Oct. 1967
Monkee Mayor
Mike runs for Mayor.
9 Oct. 1967
Art for Monkees' Sake
When Peter displays a talent for copying art, crooked museum guards Duke and Chuche force him to copy Frans Hals' 'The Laughing Cavalier' and switch it with the real one. The Monkees mount Mission: Ridiculous to put the actual artwork back and take on the code names 'Manchester Marauder' (Davy), Conneticut Counterspy (Peter), Towering Texan (Mike) and the Los Angeles Leopard (Micky).
16 Oct. 1967
I Was a 99-Pound Weakling
When his girl Brenda is stolen from him by muscle bound Bulk, Micky contemplates hocking his drums so he can pay for Shah-Ku's "Weakling's Anonymous" course. Fearing this will break up the group, Davy and Peter first try to pass of Bulk as a weakling to Brenda, then set out to prove Shah-Ku is a phony.
23 Oct. 1967
Hillbilly Honeymoon
The Monkees ride into Swinevill and immediately get caught up in a Hillbilly feud between the Chubber and the Weskitt family. Soon, Ella Mae Chubber takes a shine to Davy (and to a lesser extend Micky and Peter). The only way out is to patch things up between Ella Mae and her dim witted fiancé, Jud Weskitt.
30 Oct. 1967
Monkees Marooned
Naive and gullible, Peter gives his guitar to a scam artist in exchange for a treasure map.
6 Nov. 1967
The Card Carrying Red Shoes
Natasha Pavlova escapes from The Druvanian National Ballet by hiding in the Monkees' instrument trunk and falls in love with Peter, whom she refers to as 'The Face' (and sometimes just plain 'Petrov'). Ballet Master Nicolai and his other star, Ivan, insist on getting her back, mainly because of the microfilm hidden in one of her red shoes.
13 Nov. 1967
The Wild Monkees
The Monkees take a job at the Henry Cabot Lodge and Cemetery, where they are forced into service as hotel staff as well. The guests include a quartet of tall female bikers, whom the boys set out to impress by dressing like Marlon Brando in 'The Wild One'. When the girls' boyfriends, Big Butch and the Black Angels, arrive, the Monkees (now known as the Chickens) have to enter a motorcycle race they cannot possibly win.
20 Nov. 1967
A Coffin Too Frequent
The Monkees are surprised to find three members of a sinister family gathering in their beach pad come midnight to hold a séance.
27 Nov. 1967
Hitting the High Seas
The Monkees take on a job as sailors but Mike soon disappears below deck to recuperate from seasickness. Micky, Davy and Peter must prove themselves strong enough to survive the hardships of the sea, especially when it turns out their captain is a modern day pirate intend on hijacking the Queen Anne. Inspired by Clark Gable and Marlon Brando, the three musicians attempt to stage a mutiny.
4 Dec. 1967
Monkees in Texas
Visiting Mike's Aunt Kate in Texas, The Monkees find the Nesmith Ranch being ambushed by Black Bart and his gang. Micky and Peter, dressed as The Lone Stranger and Pronto, go to town to seek help but end up join Black Bart's gang. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Mike tries to figure out what makes the Nesmith land so valuable.
11 Dec. 1967
Monkees on the Wheel
Micky 'Magic Fingers' Dolenz hits a lucky streak in Vegas, not realizing the roulette table is rigged. The Boss and Biggy soon steal the ill begotten money back from the Monkees, who are then given 24 hours by the police to retrieve it once more. So, they head back into the Casino dressed as gangsters The Insidious Strangler (Micky), The Professor (Peter), Muscles The Mauler (Davy) and Vicious Killer (Mike).
25 Dec. 1967
The Christmas Show
It's Christmas and the group has to teach a neglected boy about the magic and love of the season.
8 Jan. 1968
Fairy Tale
Peter, peasant of Tork is the only one who can save the fair Princess Gwen (Mike) who is being held in the tower. The Fairy of the Magic Locket orders Mike the Cobbler to make Peter a gravity defying pair of shoes, Davy the Tailor to sew a impenetrable suit of chain mail, and Micky the Innkeeper to forge a magic sword. On his way to the tower guarded by the Dragon of the moat, Peter bumps into Little Red Riding Hood (Davy) Hansel & Gretel (Micky and Davy) and Goldilocks (Micky).
15 Jan. 1968
Monkees Watch Their Feet
The Secretary for the Department of UFO Information presents a film about impending dangers from outer space. In it, Micky is abducted by aliens from the planet Zlotnick and replaced by a robot duplicate. Despite the robot's feet being on backwards, at first Davy and Peter do not suspect a thing.
22 Jan. 1968
Monstrous Monkee Mash
Davy has been put under the spell of Lorelei, or to be precise, her magic necklace. Her uncle, a Transylvanian Count, wants to turn Davy into a vampire. When the other Monkees arrive looking for their missing mate from Manchester, Peter's mind is singled out to be put inside a monster and Micky to become a wolf man. Mike manages to escape the vampire's clutches by dressing up in a mummy's smelly old wrappings.
29 Jan. 1968
The Monkee's Paw
Micky buys a cursed Monkey's Paw from down on his luck Mendrek the Magician for a quarter and is given three wishes, all of them bound to backfire. Meanwhile, Mendrek, finally free of bad luck, becomes a millionaire overnight. On the third wish, Micky loses his voice, leaving the other Monkees without their lead singer.
5 Feb. 1968
The Devil and Peter Tork
Peter browses through a pawn shop owned by a mysterious man known as S. Zero. He meets Zero and the two chat about the varied instruments he is selling, Zero talking cryptically about the previous owners of the instruments. Peter then notices a harp and falls in love with the instrument even though he has never played the instrument before. When Peter says he would give anything for the harp, Zero makes a deal - Peter will sign a contract to own the harp and pay for it later. Peter happily signs and carries the harp home, and does not see when Zero makes a phone call ...
12 Feb. 1968
Monkees Race Again
T.N. Crumpets, an old racing friend of Davy's grandfather asks the Monkees to help in putting his car back together. His rival Baron Von Klutz is sabotaging Crumpets at every opportunity and kidnaps both the old man and Micky. Davy, being a British subject, ends up driving the Monkeemobile against the Klutzmobile in Crumpets' place.
19 Feb. 1968
The Monkees in Paris
Tired of the same old scripts, the Monkees walk off the set and take a holiday in Paris. Director James Frawley is left having to come up with a way to change the formula.
26 Feb. 1968
Monkees Mind Their Manor
The Monkees travel to England when Davy inherits the estate of Young Lord Malcolm Kibee on the condition that he lives there for the next five years. Davy has no intention of staying, but does not want the Lord's nephew, Lance Kibee, to sell it to a land developer either. So, the Monkees put on a medieval fair to raise enough money for the local villagers to buy the manor.
4 Mar. 1968
Some Like It Lukewarm
The Monkees want to enter the KXIW Rockathon contest to win $500, only to find out contest manager Jerry 'The Geator with the Heator' Blavat only allows mixed groups. Davy is chosen to dress up in drag. Soon, 'Miss Jones' falls in love with Daphne, a member of The West Minstrel Abbies who has to dress as a boy to enter the same contest.
11 Mar. 1968
Monkees Blow Their Minds
Peter walks into The Great Oracullo's House of Mysteries for inspiration and is turned into a psychic slave by way of a cup of tea. Oracullo wants to headline at The Cassandra instead of the Monkees and use Peter in his act, simultaneously ruining the Monkees chances of getting the gig.
25 Mar. 1968
Micky, Mike and Davy find that Peter and all their neighbors have been hypnotized by their TV sets. The Evil Wizard Glick is using an alien Frodis to control people's minds through his machines, such as the Freeble Energizer, and plans to take over the world. Worst of all, The Monkees are prohibited by law to change into their Monkeemen alter-egos and even the chant Micky learned from a cereal box-top backfires.

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